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wedgie punishment(female) 2014-04-28
wedgie punishment(female)
Which type of blogs would you read? 2014-04-21 (closed)
Here are some questions to see which type of blogs would be most popular. Please take the time to...
Would you rather go to a dance, or a party? 2014-04-14
Would you rather go to a dance, or a party?
Countries 2014-03-24
What countries would you live in
Social media experiment 2014-03-17
I'm using the percentages from this poll for a health project and I need to gather information. Y...
Is Mister Poll out of order? 2014-03-11
From your personal experience: Is Mr Poll out of order? Which of the following features do sti...
jojining a facebook group about swimming fully clothed 2014-03-07
to find outif any one would join a facebook page about swimming fully clothed
Saving a trip on a transit site 2014-03-07
Saving a trip on a transit site
How Would You Tickle Me? 2014-03-03
Hello, I'm 14 years old girl named Glitter. I absolutely love reading tickle stories and being ti...
Google vs. Yahoo 2014-01-07
Google vs. Yahoo
What Streaming service do you like more? 2013-12-17
What Streaming service do you like more?
Derpcave UHC 2013-12-06
To determine the best day for members of the derpcave minecraft server to have a uhc map.
community college funds 2013-11-25
community college funds
Eating shit 2013-10-14
For people who love it!
/int/'s 2nd official language - penultimate runoff 2013-10-08
Based on the 1st poll, here are the most popular languages to be considered.
Do you use Snapchat? 2013-09-27
This is a poll for people who use Snapchat.
Do you use Tumblr? 2013-09-23
This is a poll for guys who use Tumblr. If you don't know what it is, go to another poll. No ...
Lego Oscars 2013-09-16
The 2007 line for Lego Stop Motion award nominees!
What websites have the best pokemon cake stands 2013-09-13 (closed)
What websites have the best pokemon cake stands
Would you rather? 2013-08-26
Would you rather........
Do you like facial hair on a man 2013-08-01
A poll me and my friend are doing to decide if his facial hair beats my none facial hair
Binary Options Hybrid Software 2013-08-01 (closed)
Binary Options Hybrid Software
I haven't been to misterpoll in years. Have you? 2013-07-22
I just remembered this site and somehow also my login information, and so I'm browsing it briefly...
Your Overall Experience :) 2013-07-15 (closed)
This poll is created in order receive a valued feedback from my customers who have purchased font...
Cosplay wedgies again for Shallah?! 2013-07-08
Oh no...I messed up again! So I lost a major dare and stuff and apparently I was being too 'sassy...