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Pay For Napster 2001-05-16
There has been a rumor that Napster will start charging for MP3 files downloaded from this popula...
Chit-Chat 2001-05-14
Chat : How do you feel about the whole chatting experience?
Napster Injunction 2001-05-13
should napster be shutdown
Let Me Steal Your Kisses 2001-05-11
I want to know about the visitors to my homepage. The questions are not intended to be biased. If...
About the internet 2001-05-01
We want to know your interests
have you ever had cyrbesex ?? 2001-04-17
what do u look like when u first wake up in the morning? 2001-03-18
What do YOU look like when you wake up?>?>?>?>?
Dos Attacks 2001-03-12
I am curious about dos attacks. Who does them and why?
In Regards To Email Surveys.... 2001-02-24
Let's see if anyone actually likes filling out hundreds of these email surveys....
Napster, Should It Be Banned? 2000-12-13
I dont think it should be banned, but artist think it shoulf be. Why do you think Napster should ...
Big Questions 2000-11-10
Maybe not SO big, but important enough, I suppose. My very first <u>serious</u> poll,...
Sam's Polls present: The Internet Quiz 2000-07-30
You know the internet? Of course you do.
Pornography On Line 2000-03-27
It's everywhere. How do you feel about it? Should it be restricted?
Spasm Boy Poll 2000-02-20
Hey, I don't really know what to put here, OK? Oh, if you have no idea what Spasm Boy is, check i...
Online Harrassment 2000-01-20
This is a survey to find out how many people have been a victim of online harrassment.
Undernet Survey 1999-12-24
Do you want to express your opinion about the undernet servers? The opers? X and W? Which is the ...
SpyderDan's Hottest Female Voting Booth 1999-06-30
Come here to select who you think is the hottest female on the web!
Fourteen ways to fix the Web? 1999-06-11
Here are 14 things that web surfers complain about. This poll is to find out which ones matter m...
Do Search Engines Suck? 1998-12-09
Since the early days of the web, search engines and "portals" (like Yahoo, Excite, Alta...