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Gamespot vs. IGN 2006-05-30
Which rating site is better?
Aalumni Radio A-List Awards Show 2009-04-28 (closed)
Aalumni Radio A-List Awards Show
What You Will Redeem In June Gen.Redemption ? 2010-07-08
What You Will Redeem In June Gen.Redemption ?
wwe.com 2006-04-22
Hello this is a poll on wwe.com
Have you ever pirated anything? 2008-01-06
Have you ever illegally downloaded anything.
Bing or Google 2017-04-24
which do you prefer Bing or Google
Club Penguin 2 2007-11-17
The second Club Penguin poll
Webcams and messaging on the internet 2009-03-11
All about webcams and messaging.
Myspace V.S. Facebook 2007-07-20
Which is better? you decide!
The sun new women's page 2012-11-28
A poll designed to get feedback for our re-design of the suns women's page.
Mister Poll!!! 2001-09-30
please answer the following questions
socks 2012-03-13
this is a poll about differnt type of socks for differnt type of situations
Websense 2006-03-31
How do you feel about the granddaddy of all firewalls?
Pro-Anorexia/Wannarexia 2009-05-03
Detailed survey for those who visit "Pro-Anorexia" or "Pro-Ana" websites and ...
(only for Males)a Do you accept an unknown female's request on facebook? 2011-01-07
Do you accept an unknown female's request on facebook just by having a glance at her looks?
Bet I can make you and me run to the bathroom! (Girls only!) 2016-09-16
Hello, and if you have to pee, take this quiz. I have to pee desperately while writing this and I...
King of /tv/? 2010-02-04
King of /tv/?
Runescape poll!! 2007-10-18
Sexting 2009-03-11
Sexting is a recent phenominon fast gaining popularity. What are your views and experiences on t...
Who do you hate on isketch the most, 09 version 2009-04-09 (closed)
Vote on who YOU hate on isketch the most
runescape vs. habbo 2007-09-13
runescape vs. habbo hotel
Who is the hottest women super hero? 2004-11-05
Some comic book and tv characters are really hot, who do you think the hottest female super heros...
Neopets... neopets.... NEOPETS!!!!!! 2003-12-23
Neopets!!! Need I say more? (I put a star by what my answer would be)
Who do you hate most on Isketch? 2008-04-23
Who do you hate most on Isketch?
The best internet browser for Mac osx 2005-03-10
There are many good browsers for Mac users nowadays, but which one do you consider the best?