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Females Only: Unexpectedly Touched by Others 2023-02-15
This poll is for females only and seeks to gather your opinions on being touched by others when i...
Men's Underwear 2023-02-15
A poll about male's underwear preferences
What is Dustin? 2023-01-04
What is Dustin?
getting bathed fully clothed 2022-12-30
to find out how many people have ever been bathed or showered fully clothed in shoes and socks
Guys Who Have Done Poo Accidents 2022-12-30
This is a survey to find out how many guys have had a poo in their pants.
Would You Rather Wednesday 2022-12-30 (closed)
Would you rather..
How severe should my punishment be? 2022-12-30
I am 15 and have 'bullied' a girl i hate (i am not sorry) i swear, scream, lie always get my way ...
Shoeless in court 2022-12-30
A legal jurisdiction has a policy that criminal defendants who appear in court must appear before...
Baring the bottom for a spanking 2022-12-30
A poll for men and women about baring the bottom ready for a spanking
Decide her fate again! 2022-12-30
In a previous poll (link in the messages section) me and my friends asked if we should make an ac...
Reason You Come to This Site 2022-12-30
Reason You Come to This Site
Wives wrestling men other than their husbands 2022-12-30
This poll is for couples were the women wrestle men other than their partners or brothers or fathers
Interest in Role Play Type of Poll 2022-12-30
I am contemplating creating a story-type poll (Roleplay). However, since the last time I used thi...
Buying a house 2022-12-30
Which of these items is important to you?
Fighting with a woman at work 2022-12-30
Back some years ago, I ended up fighting with a woman I worked with. Have you ever been in a figh...
If you were in charge 2022-12-30 (closed)
It gets really far. None of the questions are required.
Barefoot kids 2022-12-30
Do you and where do you let your kids go barefoot?
Cervical Pillow or Body Pillow for Side Sleeping? 2022-12-30
Cervical Pillow or Body Pillow for Side Sleeping?
Which country has best wives? 2022-12-30
Which country has best wives?
Is this site working again? 2022-12-30
Just making a quick poll to check the functionality of the Misterpoll site. I noticed there are ...
Tim's ten year old sister 2022-12-30
Tim is an average sixteen year old boy who is bullied by his ten year old sister what should she ...
family belly buttons 2022-12-30
belly buttons of family
I witnessed a catfight! 2022-12-30 (closed)
If you saw a catfight unfold, please tell us what you saw.
Should I join the military? 2022-12-30
I have been thinking about joining the military for quite some time. I’m looking for some a...
Popping balls! 2022-12-30
Hello! This poll will seek to discover and research how common bursting/popping/cracking balls/nu...