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Fly Tickle 2022-12-30
Have you ever been tickled by a fly?
Bugs 2022-12-30
A poll about crushing bugs.
Interracial Female Superiority: 2022-12-30
A poll on the strength difference between white women and indian/south asian men, and who is supe...
Rectal temperature 2022-12-30
Was your temperature taken rectally as a child ?
Fun 2022-03-03
How do you have fun?
Room decor 2022-03-03
I'm a photographer and I want to make my room unique. I think a lot about the design, but nothing...
Childs Nude Birthday 2022-01-04
Have you ever hosted a birthday party for your child where clothes were either optional or comple...
Viability of this Site 2022-01-04
Does anyone use this site for polling anymore?
Assignment Help UK 2022-01-04
Assignment Wizards Online Provides The Best Assignment Writing Service In UK. WE Provide cheap an...
Crime conscience 2022-01-04
This poll is designed to determine the general public's attitudes towards reporting crime and con...
Armpit Farts 2022-01-04
A poll about armpit farts, because who doesn't want to know more about armpit farts? :P
Bank Credit 2021-12-09
Bank Credit
I need to change the chair 2021-12-09
Hey guys. Because of my constant homework, I'm almost tied to my desk. My back has started to hur...
Dry coolers for industry 2021-11-16
Can I ask who has faced with this, I am interested in water coolers for production. Is there wher...
Longterm Orgasm Denial 2021-11-11
My dom wants me to be orgasmless. I am allowed to masturbate but without relief. I have jokers th...
Girls, have you ever been tied up? 2021-11-02
Girls, have you ever been tied up?
Braces And Glasses Poll 2021-10-19
A poll for four eyes with braces.
CVT Transmission Solutions 2021-10-06
A poll to learn if people are really happy with CVT Transmissions.
Do banks give loans to students? 2021-09-24
I am a student and now I need to get a loan. Which banks give loans to students?
insure my snowmobile 2021-09-11
I need to insure my snowmobile, but I do not know which side to approach this issue, since I have...
Barefoot at Work 2021-09-11
This is a poll to see how many people go barefoot at work.
How desperate to pee are you? 2021-09-09
Take this poll if you really have to pee
Moms of Daughters: what age did you stop making little-kid potty stops for her? 2021-08-24
For mothers who have raised 1+ daughter. <p> I'm not talking about the potty-training...
Is Driving in the Fog safe? 2021-08-04
How to drive safe, please provide some tips?
Driving Barefoot 2021-08-04
A poll to see who drive barefoot.