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the yankee drummer and the confederate girls 2018-10-10
If during the American Civil War,you see approaching running towards you to a drum little boy fro...
Wedgie Poll 2018-05-09
https://staschoolstudent.deviantart.com/ Something similar here.
Which poop dare should I do? 2018-05-05
Which poop dare or dares do you think I should do? Please leave some comments of which poop dare ...
Las potty accident 2018-05-01
when was your las potty accident.
Should I Join the Military? 2018-04-17
Hello. I am a 23-year-old guy. I've been thinking for quite some time now about enlisting in th...
Winter outerwear 2018-03-27
Forum for winter outerwear discussion
Daily wedgies 2018-03-27
What wedgies should I get daily. It could either be by me or multiple others. I am female.
Paramedics/EMTs Treating Children 2018-03-11
This is a survey about paramedics and EMTs who treat children in an ambulance. How the children r...
School accidents 2018-02-22
School accidents
Have you ever peed yourself in school? 2018-02-20
Have you ever peed yourself in school?
Toilet Scenarios 2018-02-20
For the purposes of this poll, you are a wife and mother in her late 20s–early 40s. You have a ...
Bedwetting stories 2018-02-15
Bedwetting stories
Parents reaction 2018-02-15
To find out how parents would react in different situations
clothing when growing up (boy) 2018-02-06
when i grew up i had specific clothing restrictions. what do you think about it and how about you...
Girls and women who were interrogated 2018-01-22
The poll is meant for girls and women, who undeewent an interrogation or questionings of some sor...
Do you wear a lot of winter clothes? 2018-01-22
Do you wear a lot of winter clothes?
When's the last time you had a potty accident? 2018-01-02
When's the last time you had a potty accident?
What should my writing punishment be 2017-11-16 (closed)
I've been very disrespectful and rude to people. I also say inappropriate things.
Lost Bet Makeover 2017-11-01
I lost a wrestling tournament to my sister and now I have to give myself a girly makeover as a fo...
Would you use an app to unlock your car or house? (No more needing to carry your 2017-10-10
Would you use an app to unlock your car or house? (No more needing to carry your
Should I get my baby boy circumcised? 2017-10-10
Hello everybody, I'm a new mommy, and I was wondering if I should get my week old baby boy, Quin...
Do you like the smell of smoke on your breath and clothes? 2017-10-06
Do you like to smoke of cigarette smoke? Do you ever get told that your clothes and breath stink ...
Poll/Survey: Quality Supplies Of Natural Stones For Countertops 2017-09-29
Stone Selection Ltd. is a recommended company that provides top quality natural stones for kitche...
Is Emiko a girl's name? 2017-09-26
I want to make sure if the name Emiko is obviously a girls name or not. What do you guys think?
Older Kids in diapers 4 2017-08-29
less "if" questions this time but more personal