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How to wear flipflops to school? 2017-03-18 (closed)
I'm a 20 years old university student boy from Europe, and I live with my parents. When I was yo...
Guys - Ever been caught or exposed in your underwear? 2017-03-12
Guys have you ever been caught or exposed in your undies?
Wetting Accidents in Late Teens and Young Adults 2017-02-27
Hi! I'm Claire, 24, and have been dealing with frequent wetting accidents since I was a teenager ...
dont pee 2017-02-27
might make you pee
Guys Opinions on Panties 2017-02-27
Determining guys thoughts and opinions on women's undies
Those 13-21, Can You Mail a Letter? 2017-02-27
Could you go through all the processes of mailing a letter without using any other resource? Tha...
Child Gender Preference Among Americans 2017-02-20
If you could only have one child, what gender would it be?
Survey: I Disliked Wearing Braces 2017-02-18
A survey about why you didn't liked wearing braces. (For people who disliked wearing braces.)
If you're a fairy godmother ( FEMALES ONLY ) 2017-02-18
If you're a fairy godmother with powers and you find yourself a man very sexist , misogynous who...
Survey: I Liked Wearing Braces 2017-02-16
A survey about why you liked wearing braces. (For people who liked wearing braces.)
Male Hiring Managers 2017-02-15
Do you take proper action to hire new employees?
Grote schoonmaak Ja of Nee 2017-02-14
Grote schoonmaak Ja of Nee
New Random Things 8 2017-02-14
Totally Random Things
New Random Things 7 2017-02-14
Totally Random Things
New Random Things 6 2017-02-14
Totally Random Things
What guys wear 2017-02-14
This is just gonna ask what you wear in many different situations that you could find yourself in...
If you were a Policewoman ( females only ) . 2017-02-14
Woman ; imagine yourself as a Policewoman ( females only ) .
Clothing restrictions for boys 2017-02-07
Do you think that children should wear something else at home / backyard than they wear in public...
Pee Holding Contest 2017-02-05
Playing a peeholding contest. Can you win??
Tall girls - are you stronger than shorter men ? 2017-01-27
Hello and welcome ! There has been a discussion about height/strength relation, with the result, ...
Should I Join the Military? 2017-01-20
I'm a 21-year-old guy. I've been thinking about joining the military for a while now. School an...
Improving my lifestyle 2017-01-11
My parents are very rich and conservative people. My father is the CEO of a company and I'm going...
A lady, a war , a prisoner and a hoop skirt ( females only ) 2017-01-08
If you are a american civil war lady,and wear a hoopskirt with crinoline ,and managed to capture ...
Christmas Would you Rather 2017-01-08
we've all heard of the game would you rather, right? Well, if not, I've took the liberty to make ...
barefoot - how often? 2017-01-04
barefoot - how often?