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Harry vs. Draco 2012-01-12
Two characters from the Harry Potter movies/books go at it in different competitions.
College media project - the evolution of audio technology 2012-01-04
I'm doing a btec level 2 media course at my college. Part of this course involves the creation of...
The 2nd Annual Bloggers' Choice Awards 2012-01-02 (closed)
The second time around, get your picks in for the best of 2011, as we choose our nominees based o...
Best of Tom Cruise 2011-12-30
Rate the best movie ever by legend Tom Cruise
transformers 2011-12-16 (closed)
Best Super-hero Movies (Past-Present-Future) 2011-12-06 (closed)
Best Super-hero Movies (Past-Present-Future)
2012 Methane Movie Awards Nominating Ballot 2011-12-05 (closed)
Every year, only a small amount of people vote for the worst movies and performances of each year...
New childrens movie 2011-11-29 (closed)
I am writing a script for a new children's adventure movie and I would like to get a public opini...
Greatest Horror Movie Animals - Round 3 2011-11-20 (closed)
After 3 rounds, only 12 movies remain. They were chosen to go against each other at random.
Best horror movie franchise? 2011-11-20
Best horror movie franchise?
Jurassic Park vs. King Kong (2005) 2011-11-18 (closed)
Which is better
Movie Characters 2011-11-09
Coolest/Toughest movie characters
Movie Battles 2011-11-08 (closed)
Pick the better movie! Simple.
Horror Movies 2011-11-08 (closed)
Lets Test your Knoledge on the movies that brought fear to the world.
Favorite film(s) 2011-11-08
Favorite film(s)
The best horror movie 2011-10-31
The best horror movie
Cushing vs Lee 2011-10-27
Cushing vs Lee
Pick the Halloween Special/Movie that you want to see! :) 2011-10-27
Basically the same thing as the last poll. Cept....for Halloween. =P
Eric Bana or Edward Norton as the HULK? 2011-10-13 (closed)
whom to you think is the better Hulk??
Italian Horror 2011-10-10 (closed)
Do you know Italian Horror?
Deathly Hallows Part 2 2011-10-10
A poll about the most anticipated Harry Potter film that finally completes the film series. Conta...
Most Popular Horror Creature? 2011-10-03 (closed)
Who or what is the most popular figure in horror movies from both modern and past.
How Many of These "Film Noirs" Have You See, And What Did You Think of Them? 2011-09-28 (closed)
Please check off either yes or no with each film. If it was a long time ago and you're not sure, ...
Greatest Horror Movie Animals - Round 2 2011-09-27 (closed)
24 have been eliminated and only 24 remain. They were chosen at random.
Harry Potter vs. Twilight 2011-09-19 (closed)
Are you a HP or Twilight fan? Lets find out!!