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Rocky Horror Picture Show 2000-09-26
I dont feel like writing much, so just answer the questions. Thanks...love your cows.
the ULTIMATE Star Wars Poll!!! 2000-09-09
The only poll for all my fellow hard-core star wars fans.
The Mummy 1999 2000-08-26
Let's see how much you know about The Mummy and what some of your opinions are! E-mail me for cor...
Hottest Actor 2000-08-26
Who is the HOTTEST male actor???
THE Natalie Portman Poll 2000-08-05
The first poll about the world's most talented young actress
Movies 2000-06-14
Everyone watches them, even if only once in a while. What do you think of them, though?
Star Wars 2000-05-15
All the questions on Star Wars you could imagine
SNS Current Film Poll 1999-04-06
<p>Tell us which you think are the best and worst among the films currently playing in thea...
Star Wars vs. Star Trek 1999-02-23
Which is more loved, Star Wars or Star Trek?
Greatest Horror Film Poll 1999-02-03
What are your favorite horror films, monsters, actors & actresses?
Clerks Trilogy Vote! 1999-01-03
Vote on your favorite movie and characters of the Kevin Smith trilogy films!
James Bond 1998-12-09
Come on in and let everyone know who 'does it better'!