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Are 2012-12-27
Are the Twilight Novels "Romance" Novels? 2012-12-27
Are the Twilight Novels "Romance" Novels?
The Best of The Best (Books, movies, T.v shows) 2012-12-13
Which character is the best/worst/lamest? This is part one, and in a few weeks i will tally up, a...
5 Multiple Choice Questions 2012-12-13
Superheroes, movies, animals, anything you can think of.
movie battle round 4 triple threat 2012-12-13 (closed)
movie battle round 4 triple threat
The Ultimate Movie Review's End of The Year Poll! 2012-12-13
Hey movie fans! This is your chance to tell me what you think of the blog, tell me what I can do ...
Best Movie Ever Tournament Round 2 OVERTIME 2012-12-04
Which movie is better?
Warner Bros. vs. RKO 2012-12-04
Warner Bros. vs. RKO
Favorite Movie by Category 2012-11-28
Favorite Movie by Category
MEGA MOVIE POLL!!! 2012-11-26 (closed)
movie battle round 3 2012-11-07 (closed)
movie battle round 3
Best Movie Ever Tournament Round 2 2012-11-07
Which movie is better?
Movies onDemand 2012-11-05
What is your favorite movie?
Dolphin Tale 2012-10-29
The questions will be about Dolphin tale, the incredible story of Winter the heroic little dolphi...
Movie DIRECTORS quiz 2012-10-26
Select your favourite movie from each of the following renown directors.
Favorite Disney Princess 2012-10-26
Just wanted to know who was every bodies favorite fictional princess.
Best Avenger films 2012-10-26
This will be about The Avengers. If you haven't seen any of the avenger movies, I suggest you go ...
The Ultimate Actress Poll 2012-10-22
Cheers to everything Actresses!
The Ultimate Movie Survey! 2012-10-22
Cheers to everything Movies!!
which movie is better? part 2 2012-10-15 (closed)
which movie is better? part 2
MOVIES 2012-10-10
which movie is better? 2012-10-05 (closed)
which movie is better?
Best Disney Romances 2012-10-04 (closed)
Since several couples tied, I'm having a runoff race between them!
Best Movie Ever Tournament Round 1 OVERTIME 2012-10-01
Which movie is better?
Did Batman Die in the Dark knight Rises 2012-10-01
Many discuss this topic so i wanted to know what did you guys think.