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Make Your Own Movie 2005-04-04
If you could make your own movie, what would you choose for it?
SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!! HORROR! 2005-04-06
The Best Directors 2005-05-09
Whether they are keen visionary amytheists, fun smash-hit makers, or just the guy who happened to...
Which Star Wars is your favorite? 2005-05-31
Hmm? Which is it????
Batman as a Modern Hero 2005-08-01
After seeing the movie Batman Begins, I am curious to know what your thoughts are on this superhe...
007: James Bond VS. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 2005-10-05
If there was a movie Bond Vs Lara (like Freddy Vs. Jason), who do you think will win? And what s...
100 Funniest Movies Voted By YOu 2005-11-21
Welcome here are 100 of my choices of the 100 funniest movies (no overrated crap like Some Like ...
Star Wars 2005-11-26
Let's see what people like about Star Wars
Choose the funniest actor 2005-12-06
Choose the funniest actor
Star Wars Vs Lord Of The Rings 2005-12-07
What do you think is better, the Star Wars movies Or Lord Of The Rings, take your pick.
A Harry Potter Poll 2005-12-12
A Harry Potter Poll
Blade Trinity Vs Underworld Evolution 2006-02-15
Which movie is better?
The Image of Ali, 4th Caliph of Islam 2006-04-07
This poll is to determine whether the Muslim world is ready to see a movie that depicts one of th...
{HORROR/THRILLER'S} 2006-06-21
horror movies
Funniest movie of all time? 2006-08-23
What is the funniest movie of all time?
Who would win in a fight? 2006-10-08
out of all of the greatest horror icons of all time, who would win if they all got together for a...
Hogwarts 2006-10-08
Many questions about the coolest school ever!
Which Jedi is more powerful? 2006-10-24
Out of all Jedi seen in the 6 major motion pictures, which one do you feel is the most powerful?
Which movie is your favorite 2006-10-27
Which Star Wars movie is your favorite?
LOTR battles! 2006-11-01
A huge poll filled with fun and variety 2006-12-28
Mostly containing movies and sci fi
Best/Worst Batman movie writers. 2007-01-10
Choose the best and worst writers for Batman films.
Best Scary/Horror Movie (No noobs please) 2007-02-17
What is the Best Scary/Horror Movie ever made?
Who's Your Favorite Disney Villain? 2007-03-21
The following will have a list of Disney villains. Choose as many as you want and vote!
Harry Potter 2007-05-10
What do you think about the Harry Potter movies?