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what was the best movie for 2000-2002 2002-07-04
this poll is to determine once and for all what the best movies of 2000 2001 2002 were.
Who would win? 2002-08-06
Who could beat Michael Myers?
Hottest guy from the Lord of the Rings 2002-09-25
Hey all you LOTR fans! Vote here on who you think os the hottest, funniest and generally best cha...
Moulin Rouge! vs. Titanic 2002-10-28
Which is the best tragic love story?
Favorite character in Willy Wonka/Chocolate Factory 2002-10-28
Who is your favorite character in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?
What's Your Favorite JAMES BOND Theme Song? 2002-11-15
The title says it all..all you gotta do is vote..personally, I'm voting for DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER ...
How would you grade Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets? 2002-11-22
How would you grade the movie Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets?
Harry Potter Characters 2002-11-27
Who's the hottest character in Chamber of Secrets? Listed in order of preference, of course.
25 Great Films-And Then Some (Final) 2002-12-01
So this is it everything has come to this in order to find the world's greatest film. The only qu...
IMDB: 2002 Horror Razzies! 2002-12-16
The absolute worst in horror films in the year 2002!
Who is your favorite Star Wars character? 2003-01-02
Who is your favorite Star Wars character?(Sorry if some of these are misspelled!)
best stoner movie 2003-01-15
which is the best stoner movie ever made?
Stupid Harry Potter.... 2003-02-07
HARRY POTTER SUX! What's your opinion?
Harry Potter vs. Frodo Baggins 2003-02-08
let's see who people like the most.....
Favorite Back to the Future character 2003-02-27
Who is your favorite character in Back to the Future?
MOVIES & ACTORS (redone) 2003-02-27
Anything to do with movies or actors.
flops or succes 2003-03-04
this poll is about music artists being actors. please fill in what you think of them.
What's your favorite Pixar animated film? 2003-03-09
Remember the first time you saw Pixar's Toy Story with Woody the Sheriff and Buzz Lightyear and y...
Favorite LOTR charcter 2003-03-18
Hey! For this poll (sry) I'm not putting Legolas as a choice because I know that everyone will pi...
best action hero movie 2003-05-07
do you like the new movies or the old ones?
The Best and Worst Horror Movies of All Time 2003-05-14
A place for horror fans to hash out what they believe are the best horror films ever, and which a...
The Matrix vs. The Lord of the Rings 2003-05-17
Simply I've been arguing with my friends for aaaaaaaages about this one and we can never decide w...
Favorite Movies 2003-05-20
Pick your favorite movies in this poll.
oscars for the 15 biggest movies.... 2003-06-10
OK this is a kind of oscar game for the 15 movies that have the best scores on the world wide box...
What's your favorite movie? 2003-07-16
This is a poll where people can vote on their favorite movies. If any movies that you like and th...