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STAR WARS Fan Poll 2004-03-09
I have made this fairly detailed poll to see what other fans think. May The Force Be With You.
Friday The 13th series 2004-03-19
what is your favorite Jason movie? How do you feel about the series?
Favorite film director 2004-03-23
Favorite film director?
Comedy Movies 2004-03-30
This is your chance to vote for the best movie out of the ones below.
Do you want to see this movie in theaters? 2004-06-03
Please help us get our movie into the theaters by voicing your opinion.
harry potter 2004-07-06
plz vote
Who was The most Interesting wife of King Henry VIII? 2004-07-07
Henry VIII's wives were each unique and interesting, do you have a favourite?
! MoViEs ! 2004-07-08
Hiya If Ya'll Love Movies ( Like I do, Everybody Does! ) so take dis polllll!!!!!!!! and prepar...
Star Trek and Star Wars: Detailed 2004-07-30
This isn't your standard "Who would win in a fight" poll. This is about comparing spec...
Survive the Zombie Horde!! 2004-08-29
How would you survive in a world overrun by a zombie virus. for example "Dawn of the Dead.&q...
Spiderman 2004-09-06
For you superhero/spidey fans, who is your favorite villian? Favorite movie? Hottest girl Peter e...
Best Star Wars Edition 2004-09-16
Which one is your favorite SW edition so far? The original version without modifications, the Spe...
Really BIG Charcter Fight 2004-09-17
Alright, who would win between ALL of these charcters?
Halloween 3 2004-09-28
80's Movies Poll 2004-09-30
Your favorite of the two options.
Star Wars 2004-10-18
For the fellow Star Wars fans, what is your favorite SW movie? Character? Lightsaber?
Stanley Kubrick Films 2004-10-23
These are all of Stanley Kubricks films that he directed
John Carpenter Films 2004-11-05
These are the movies directed by John Carpenter.
Who should be the next James Bond 007 2004-11-18
Now that Pierce Brosnan's licence to kill has been revoked, who should be the next James Bond?
The James Bond Poll 2004-11-22
Questions Related To The James Bond Movies
Are you really a LotR fan? 2004-11-22
How much do you know about LotR?
Classic Horror films 2004-11-25
Do you like "classic" horror films, the ones in black & white with little gore but ...
The Best Holiday Movie Poll 2004-11-28
Now That The Holiday Season is upon us, It's Time to Vote for The Best of Our Favorite Holiday Mo...
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie! 2004-12-06
This poll is strictly for SpongeBob fans only. If you don't like the sponge, then there is somet...