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Classic Horror films 2004-11-25
Do you like "classic" horror films, the ones in black & white with little gore but ...
The Best Holiday Movie Poll 2004-11-28
Now That The Holiday Season is upon us, It's Time to Vote for The Best of Our Favorite Holiday Mo...
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie! 2004-12-06
This poll is strictly for SpongeBob fans only. If you don't like the sponge, then there is somet...
Lord of the flies 2004-12-09
You can vote about this movie which is also a book
Lord of the Rings vs. Star Wars Characters 2005-01-07
The movies had very similar characters. Which do you prefer?
British film awards 2004 2005-01-07
Make your choice about the best british films of the year!
A Comprehensive Disney Poll 2005-02-02
This is a poll on Disney animators, directors, voice artists, composers and songs.
James Bond: The Best 2005-02-08
Well... the poll that got me on this website was the "James Bond: The Worst" and I felt...
Disney Male Hotties 2005-02-19
Just a little poll to see whos the hottest Disney male character..dont ask
Favorite Movies 2005-03-21
Tell what your favorite movies directors, actors etc. of all time are.
Your Favorite Rocky Movie 2005-03-23
Recently I watched all the Rocky movies from the first all the way through to Rocky 5. I must sa...
James Bond Films 2005-03-29
Tell us your opinions of the James Bond films.
Best Movie of 2005 (So Far) 2005-03-29
This is a poll about the best movie of 2005 so far.
What is the greatest horror film of all time? 2005-03-30
This poll is for me to find out your overall favourite horror film out of 160 films! You can pick...
Will you let your kids see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith? 2005-04-19
There has been much talk about Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith and the rating that it ...
Greatest Vietnam War Movies 2005-06-01
What do you think were the best Vietnam War movies ever made?
The Best Horror Movie:Part 4 2005-07-21
The Shining was voted off!
Best horror, action, war, western film. Vote in many genres. 2005-08-17
Vote for your favorite film in each genre. The three best movies from each genre then settle th...
best movies/actor in 2005 2005-08-22
Vote...Nd Then Leave A Message In The Message Area...
Batman Begins Vs. Fantastic Four 2005-09-12
I know what you're thinkin' and no, this isn't some ridiculous joke.
Who Would win in a fight out of/ Rocky Balboa and Ali 2005-09-26
This Poll is going to determen by the public who will win a fight out of Ali and Rocky
Best of Tom Hanks 2005-09-28
Pulp Fiction poll 2005-10-11
favorite things about pulp fiction
KILL BILL poll 2005-11-01
favorites about kill bill 1 and 2.
Quentin Tarantino Movies 2005-11-15
This poll is about Quentin Tarantino's.