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Terminator Trilogy 2005-12-06
Poll about the Terminator movies
Lights, Camera, Action! 2005-12-07
Are you a movie person? If you are then come cast your vote on which type of movie you like the b...
Narnia, The Christian Message 2005-12-20
The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a brilliant film. However it is...
Which scary movie is the scariest? 2005-12-30
This poll contains some of the movies people consider frightening and understandable.
Which of the following action movies is the best? 2005-12-31
I love action movies, I want to find out whether I have the same taste as the other people
Lord of the rings 2006-01-06
Yay lord of the rings!!!!!!!!!
Top 10 Best Comedies 2006-01-09
Please rate the top 10 comedy movies of all time according to Rateitall.com.
Ultimate Battle Royale Poll 2006-01-12
A damn amazing poll about the highly acclaimed and controversial book, movie and manga.
Favorite kind of movie 2006-01-19
Hi this is punk princess and im just having some fun. I would like to know what types of movies a...
The nightmare before christmas VS Corpse Bride 2006-01-25
Tim Burton's two best animation movies.
THE OSCARS: YOU DECIDE!!! 2006-02-07
Let the Academy take a backseat for once. It's time for you to decide who wins the major Oscars!(...
Favorite Movie Franchise 2006-02-13
What is your favorite movie franchise "Harry Potter", "Lord of the Rings", &q...
When a stranger calls 2006-02-14
Waht did you think?
Which of these movies that I watched in Feb 06 is better? 2006-03-23
Which movie is better?
Who should play The Joker? 2006-05-03
I realise that I just created a poll on this subject recently, but some new info has come into pl...
whats your favourate move? 2006-05-04
i created this poll to see whats your favourate moive and what type of moives you like best
Favourite Actor 2006-05-11
This is a poll where you get vote on the best actor of all time, "best" actor means no ...
Harry Potter actors! 2006-05-31
When I read the books, I couldn't wait to see the film! But then I realised that the film was ter...
Again... The Misterpoll 2005 Movie Awards 2006-06-05
Okay, so it's been done about 500 times already, but here it is: The Misterpoll 2005 Awards! Vote...
Design a horror film!!! 2006-06-21
I am a film maker in australia and i am developing a horror film
Best Movies of spring/summer 2006 2006-06-24
This poll is asking to choose your favourite movies of 2006 thus far.
Best Movie Ever Tournament Round 1 2006-06-29
Which movie is the best? I have seen all of these movies
Rocky/Karate Kid/Robocop/Terminator 2006-07-05
Which Rocky, Karate Kid, Robocop, and Terminator movie was the best?
Which of these movies that I watched in May 06 is better? 2006-07-06
Which movie is better?
After gay cowboys - what next for Hollywood? 2006-07-08
So, after the movie <i>Brokeback Mountain</i>, which received critical acclaim, which...