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she's the man 2006-07-10
i loved this movie so heres some questions about it
Batman Begins Vs. the other Batman movies 2006-07-24
It has been said for over a year now that Batman Begins is THE best Batman movie to date; by crit...
Heath Ledger is The Joker!!!! 2006-08-10
By now, you've probably heard the news that Heath Ledger has been cast as The Joker in the next B...
best comic book movie 2006-08-10
asking what the best marvel/D.C. Movie of all time.
Best Movie Ever Tournament Round 2 2006-08-14
Which movie is the best? I have seen all of these movies
indiana jones 2006-08-15
witch one
Titanic or LOTR 2006-08-19
Which is the better movie?
Actors and Actresses Poll 2006-08-23
Who are your favorite actors and actresses and ther movies?
Favorite Horror Movie 2006-10-11
Favorite horror movie poll.
A Night at the Movies 2006-10-11
Do you like to go to the movie theater? If yes, then this is the poll for you!
Mike Judge's New Movie-DId you know it was out?? 2006-10-11
Mike Judge has a new movie, it's called 'Idiocracy', and it's only playing in four places around ...
Film Directors 2006-10-25
This is a poll on who you think is the greatest film director
Wolverine vs. Michael Myers 2006-11-13
They can both take a lot of punishment, and they like sharp objects. Who wins?
MPAA 2006-11-23
do u think 15 years old teenagers are mature enough to watch rated R movies with out parents?
MPAA 2006-11-23
do 15 year old teenagers are mature enough to watch rate R movie on their own without parents.
Casino Royale 2006-11-30
What did you think of the latest Bond movie?
Is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation a classic movie or 2006-12-11
After I found out a good friend of mine doesn't consider this movie to be a classic yet I wanted ...
Movies on my Shelf 2007-01-10
I've made a list of all of the movies I own on DVD or VHS, and organized them into genres. All I ...
4/4-Star Movies from a 15 year old 2007-01-26
I am 15 years old and I enjoy rating movies. Here are some questions about my favorite movies.
Phenix vs The Hulk vs superman 2007-02-03
The best of of the best fighting who win win u deside
Your Picks for 2007 Oscars 2007-02-08
Pick the people you think should win at the 2007 Oscars, airing on February 25th
Lord of the Rings 2007-02-08
Who would win?
Epic Movie 2007-02-14
Epic Movie-love or hate it?
Disney Princesses 2007-02-14
This is a Poll ablout the disney princess.
Best Stop Motion Animated Movie 2007-02-26
This is poll designed to find out what people think are the best stop motion and/or computer anim...