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Best of these 2007-02-28
Pick the best
The Greatest Horror/Scary Movie of All Time!!! 2007-02-28
greatest horror movie
Val Kilmer. 2007-03-06
Val Kilmer.
movie poll 2007-03-09
this poll is about the movies and actors people like to watch
Wicked Movie: Musical or Perverted Novel 2007-03-17
We (the people) should vote on if Universal Studioes makes the movie of Wicked after the B-Way Mu...
Helen Hunt 2007-03-21
Is she overrated as an actress ?
Grindhouse 2007-04-19
This is a poll about the film Grindhouse. Please enjoy
Xmen poll 2007-04-19
there once was a dude who saw a movie called xmen and xmen three the last stand, he thought it wa...
Best Movie Trilogy 2007-05-04
Best Trilogy
The Nightmare Before Christmas Poll 2007-05-16
ultimate horror movie killers poll 2007-05-18
About your favorite horror movie killer.
horror movie killer poll 2007-05-18
horror movie killers
Movie Theater Poll 2007-05-21
Do you ever go to the theater?
Greatest Star Wars Character Ever! 2007-06-04
Vote for your favourite Star Wars characters to decide who will be the greatest ever!
Michael Myers 2007-06-04
the slasher
War Movies. 2007-06-10
War Movies.
Ugliest Harry Potter Character 2007-07-21
This is a poll to see who the public think the ugliest harry potter character is.
Who is more Powerful? 2007-07-22
who is the most powerful villain?
Amazing films of the 70s and 80s 2007-07-22
These are my personal favorite films of those two decades. From Taxi driver-Mad max 2 all the cla...
Jason Bourne Vs. James Bond 2007-07-22
Which spy will win in a head to head? Bourne or Bond?
High School Musical Poll 1 2007-08-08
My Poll is about high school musical.
What is the Best movie of 2006? 2007-08-22
Just vote for which movie you feel is the best of 2006.
On July 18/'08, Mamma Mia! will fight The Dark Knight 2007-09-02
A sequel to one of the best superhero films of the 21st century, or a film adaptation of a broadw...
Jurassic Park lovers 2007-09-02
This is more like a quiz, the answers will be in the messages.
Favorite Lord of the rings character 2007-09-14
Who did you like best in the lord of the rings trilogy?