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Music of 2011 2012-01-30
Music of 2011
Beatles 2012-01-25
Everything about beatles
Mindless Behavior Take over 2012-01-25
Mindless Behavior Take over
Do you think these girl's can sing? 2012-01-24
Just found this new country-duo on youtube. I love them, how 'bout you?
greatest singer 2012-01-23
The Final Public Opinion besides Rolling Stones.
The Greatest Musical Artist(s) Of All Time - Top 30 2012-01-23 (closed)
We're down to a mere 30 legendary acts. They all definitely deserve to be here, but only 10 will ...
How old were you when you first listened to music regularly? 2012-01-23
I don't mean nursery rhymes, I mean actual commercial bands and singers.
Next song? Pumped Up Kicks-Foster the People or Dani California-Red Hot Chili Pe 2012-01-20
The Greatest Musical Artist(s) Of All Time - Wildcard B 2012-01-19 (closed)
The top 5 of acts in this poll will be re-instated into the competition. The remaining acts will ...
The Who VS. Led Zeppelin 2012-01-16
Let's do it, Facebook!
The Greatest Artist(s) Of All Time - Top 50 B 2012-01-16 (closed)
I accidentally left out two matchups. Oops. This will be a 24 hour event only.
Best Pink Floyd album 2012-01-16
hmm, ahhhh every Pink Floyd album is a masterpiece to me, but what is your favorite album by them...
Paolo Nutini Songs 2012-01-12
Ok, so I'm a huge fan of Paolo Nutini so I was wondering what your favourite song of his is...
Good name for an electronic musician 2012-01-12
like Deadmau5 and Skrillex and Kill the Noise and such
Boyband One Direction 2012-01-12
Some questions about One Direction.
Smosh 2012-01-12
Just a few questions about what you think of Smosh...
killswitch engage 2012-01-09
killswitch engage
better rapper icp or eminme 2012-01-09
better rapper icp or eminme
Best Bands Ever 2012-01-09
Help me decide who the best bands ever are
Best decade for music 2012-01-07
Let's see what you people think of the best decadef music is for you? I like all types of music i...
The Best Musician(s) Ever - Rank 1 Wildcard 2012-01-06 (closed)
The Top 50 have been chosen, but what about the artists who had to go up against a big name which...
The Greatest Musician(s) Of All TIme - Top 50 2012-01-06 (closed)
You've voted, and we're down to only 50 artists. Some big names were cut, and some more big ones ...
screamo bands 2012-01-06
whats your favirote screamo bands
the better van halen lead singer 2012-01-06
david lee roth sammy hagar gary chrone
Battle of the Bands II Round 2 OVERTIME 2012-01-04
Whose music do you like more?