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Pop Quiz 2015-08-21
Pop Quiz
#RUNMOB Radio Show Top Spot Update 1 2015-06-21
We want to know from you the listener who you like to hear in rotation during the show.
It's Bob Marley vs Micheal Jackson vs Elvis Presaley 2015-04-08
Who is best the artist out of the 3?
Pick your choice of music for my video intro and outro! 2015-03-23
I need help in deciding what you guys would prefer to hear in the intro and outro of my videos! ...
Band name help 2015-03-23
We are a band of 3 people who are 13 and 14 and we are starting a band at school.
Who else should Perform at Summerjam2015 2015-03-03
This is the 2nd Poll Of Artist For Summerjam 2k15
WHO DO YOU WANT TO SEE AT SUMMERJAM 2015 2015-03-02 (closed)
Looking for artist to perform at Summerjam 2015
Let It Be 2014-12-16
A general Poll about the 13th beatles studio album Let It Be
Pick Your Favorite Band Name! 2014-12-15
We're looking to finalize our band name. Pick your favorite name or two.
BMF RECAP 2014 ! 2014-12-15 (closed)
2015 is coming faster and 2014 is almost over, so it's time to make a recap of this past year in ...
Which band name should we use? 2014-10-26
Deciding on a band name.
Favorite Lady Gaga Single 2014-10-20
Favorite Lady Gaga Single
Hipster Gurus for President 2014-09-23
I had a dream last night where I had to look at the portfolios of several old musical hispters fr...
Your Favorite Artist 2014-09-23
Who was your favorite from last night?
GLOBAL MUZYQ AWARDS 2014 2014-09-19 (closed)
This is the 2nd annual of Global MuZyQ Awards. VOTES FOR YOUR FAVORITES TO WIN! VOTE WISELY :)
Music Icons Poll 2014-06-23
From the 1940s to the 2010s, this wide-ranging poll is intended to determine how liked and how we...
Fuse Fest Music Poll 2014-06-23
Have your say in the artists, art and more!
nominations for the 2014 real talk magazine gulf coast awards show 2014-05-07
Nominations for the 6th annual real talk magazine awards show taking place in end of 2014 exact ...
Name our band!!! 2014-05-07
We've narrowed it down to four and we're letting the internet decide the final name for our band!
Josh Groban Summer 2014 Tour 2014-05-05
What 5 songs are you DYING to hear Josh sing LIVE this Summer?
Do you know R5? 2014-04-28
Do you know (the band) R5?
favorite headphones brand 2014-03-31
what brand is best
Listening to Music Poll 2014-03-24
A couple of questions on how people listen to music.
lsoing shoes at a concert 2014-02-19
Onnce a cleaning crew was cleaing up after a concert they found many shoes on the floor with the ...
What is your favorite genre of music? 2014-02-19
this is for my math project.