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The Grammys 2014-01-29
The Grammys
Prueba 1 2013-12-09
Una prueba, de momento
Favorite Songs 2013-11-18
Check off your favorite songs out of the bunch; includes 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and present day!
GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS 2013 2013-11-13 (closed)
(GMAs) were established in 2013 to celebrate the most popular songs and singers in the world. ...
Tell Abstrack Tone What You Think 2013-11-13
Share your opinions and give your feedback on Abstrack Tone's music and artistry!
One Question about Music Preferences 2013-11-12
One Question about Music Preferences
80s Singers 2013-10-28
Rate the 80's singers here. Thanks for voting!
MUSIC LEGENDS 2013-10-28
Vote for the best legendary musicians & singers, in each category.
Music Video Media Studies Research 2013-09-30
Right... So I've got to make a music video for Media Studies at secondary school. It's probably g...
Is Nas a real thug/gangster? 2013-09-27
Is Nas a real thug/gangster?
Classical instruments 2013-09-27
Classical instruments
What do you think of store music? 2013-09-03
When you walk into a shop and hear music, how does it usually make you feel?
Scorpions vs AC/DC 2013-08-19
Scorpions vs AC/DC
Music composition lesson survey 2013-08-02
Music composition lesson survey
Guitar Lesson Survey 2013-08-01
Guitar Lesson Survey
Ultravox (Midge Ure Era) Fan Top 20 2013-07-16
Name you top 3 Midge Ure Era Ultravox tracks with your favorite being first and so on.
VOTE NOW! 2013-07-15
Which video do YOU want to see?
Favorite Tatts Album 2013-07-08
Favorite Tatts Album
Favorite Tatts Song 2013-07-08
Favorite Tatts Song
best metal singer 2013-06-26
best metal singer
Poll for Classical Music Fans 2013-06-20
This is a poll for those who like classical music to share their opinions on this ever-so-diverse...
best band 2013-06-10
best band
Pantera 2013-06-10
guitarists 2013-06-10