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Your favorite rapper 2012-06-11
Your favorite rapper
who music artist do you like more and who less? 2012-06-08
these are my top 5 music artists and i would like to know who do you think is the best and who do...
Who is your favorite Bee Gee? 2012-06-04
I love the bee gees!Just wondering who's your favorite?
Britney Spears or Lady Gaga 2012-06-04
Britney Spears or Lady Gaga
What genre of music is your favorite? 2012-06-04
What genre of music is your favorite?
Hollywood Undead 2012-06-04
Hollywood Undead
Battle of the Bands II Round 6 OVERTIME 2012-06-04
Whose music do you like more?
Rock Candy Radio Opinion Poll 2012-06-04
We have some features we are considering and/or will be including in our Rock Candy radio show.&l...
Which Mixtape Is Better? 2012-06-01
KOI & Lawrence Knight "Emperial Order: Escaping the Gullotine" OR Capo & Dre ...
What Music Do You Listen To? 2012-05-29
What Music Do You Listen To?
Update our Sasukarin Playlist!! 2012-05-21
Here you can vote for the songs you previously nominated over at the sasukarin fanclub!
Eagles vs. Led Zeppelin 2012-05-18
Two Biggest Bands of the 70s
Facebook Fight of the Night 2012-05-14 (closed)
Who Win's This Week's Facebook Fight of the Night?
British Music 2012-05-11
British Music
Which version of "Behind Blue Eyes" is better? 2012-05-10
This is a serious poll. I don't want you to vote based on which band you like better. I want you ...
So do you like to Karaoke..?? 2012-05-08
Last Weekend I joined a Karaoke MLM and I tell you it has revitalized my love and passion for sin...
Battle of the Bands II Round 6 2012-05-07
Whose music do you like more?
Guns N' Roses vs Winger 2012-05-01
Winger is by far the better musicians and wrote better songs, but guns n roses were far more popu...
MUZYQ CHART FOR May 6, 2012 (Music Chart) 2012-04-26 (closed)
Vote for your favorite songs to make it number 1
Bandnaam 2012-04-26
Wat wordt de nieuwe naam voor Soulmob? kies 1 naam!
Country Music's Best 2012-04-25
What's the best Country Music supergroup? And who's the hottest superstar?
Boys and Big Time Rush songs 2012-04-24
I'm a guy and just wanted to know if any other guy out there like their songs too. This poll is o...
Favorite Song by the Band ?? 2012-04-20 (closed)
Favorite Song by the Band ??
Hey you Jimmy Buffett fans!!!! 2012-04-20
Are you a Jimmy Buffett fan? If you are, then this poll is for you!!
It's time for the classic battle of the K-Pop!