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Kelly Clarkson Booty 2003-08-18
What would you do?
Queen vs Beatles 2007-01-10
Queen vs Beatles
INXS VS. U2 2007-06-18
Both these 2 bands reigned supreme in the 80's, Easily beating out all the lame hairbands. Each h...
The Greatest Music 2010-05-02
20th Century Music
Battle of the bands 2016-03-08
Who is your favorite Revolution Radio Indy Artist?
Best songs from Seether's Disclaimer II 2016-09-13
Best songs from Seether's Disclaimer II
Favorite Dead Rocker 2002-03-10
Vote for your favorite rocker who has passed into the great unknown.
Oasis vs. Radiohead 2007-10-07
Which band do you like better?
Greatest songs of all time 2008-02-08
This is the top 50 greatest songs according to rolling stone magazine. I just want to see your op...
Girlband War!!! 2011-08-13
Girlband War!!!
2016 BRIT Awards 2016-01-18
Don't fully agree with the BRIT nominations and also just wanted to see what people thought who s...
BEST 50's ROCKERS 2002-02-04
Make an all star rock Band!! 2002-12-15
You can make now the REAL BEST BAND EVER, pic all the players including the composers of the band
Muscular girls 2004-07-06
Your thoughts and opinions on girls with muscles
All Time Greatest Artists 2005-09-20
This poll matches up some of the top-selling artists of all time.
"Who's your musical artist?" 2007-02-24
"Who's your musical artist?"
Naughty Britney Spears 2001-03-06
Britney Spears swore recently at a concert without knowing that her radio mike was switched on. S...
marcia's music poll 2001-05-31
something missing? if you have some ideas on any extra questions i should add, or any extra optio...
The BEST Music Genre! 2004-02-18
Please select 1 or more of the following genres by;
Music 2004-07-01
I think the title states it
Vote for who you want to be in one band together making the greatest band imaginable!
Girls Aloud singles 2007-01-10
The lovely ladies of Girls Aloud.
Music 2009-01-23
What music do you like? To make things worse, your only aloud to choose one!! hahaha
Favorite format for digital music 2017-05-25 (closed)
We can download music since many years, but there are different formats. Wich one do you prefer?
BSB vs. Nsync 2000-07-18
Nows the time to see wich band is better!!!!!