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Corona virus 2022-12-30
Questions on the virus.
Who would make a better president? 2022-12-30
Who would you vote for and why?
Self-defense: Israeli vs. American kids 2022-01-04
<p>Which nation is best at teaching kids to defend themselves?</p> <a href="...
Do you support another lockdown in England? 2021-11-02
If you live in England, do you support another lockdown, as the "Independent" "new...
Post election follow up 2021-10-28
Post election follow up
mellania vs ivanka 2021-08-04
mellania vs ivanka
Some questions 2021-08-04
Russians on the Moon? 2021-08-04
There are rumors that the former Soviet Union may have attempted to put a man on the Moon ahead o...
Political Compass Lifestyles 2018-10-21 (closed)
lifestyles mostly focus on democrat vs republican or liberal vs conservative
Gun Control Poll 2018-03-28 (closed)
A poll on gun control. Results will be used for the author's American Government class.
Donald Trump's Term 2017-06-27 (closed)
Short single question poll on if Trump will get the re-election in four years.
2017 UK General Election 2017-04-26 (closed)
Who will you vote for?
Trump voters rate his first 100 days 2017-04-19
All Trump voters, make you voice heard with how you feel about the President's first few months i...
Medicare Drug Plan Penalty 2017-03-08
Lifetime penalty imposed on seniors 65 and over who do not have drug plans.
9/11 2017-02-19
Even in the year 2017 I have found that many Australians are still in the dark regarding 9/11, We...
Kevin's AP Gov Poll 2017-02-05
Kevin's AP Gov Poll
Trump Current Issues 2017-02-05
Discussing recent domestic and foreign topics that are currently being debated around the globe
AP Government Poll 2017-02-01
AP Government Poll
The poll that Eric J. Brinling made for AP US Government 2017-02-01
This is the poll that Eric J. Brinling made for AP US Government
Political Discussion 2017-02-01
Political Discussion
Political Poll: Controversial Issues 2017-02-01
Political Poll: Controversial Issues
political poll 2017-02-01
political poll
how do you feel about trump picking Neil Gorsuch for supreme court? 2017-02-01
this poll i would like to see what peoples thoughts are for the new supreme court pick that trump...
The Trump Administration 2017-02-01
The Trump Administration
AP Government Project 2017-02-01
In my AP Government class, we must conduct a non-biased opinion poll.