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Running for president 2000-12-13
who should be the president of the united states of America?
NECN.com Poll: Supreme Court Decision 2000-12-11
On Monday, the US Supreme Court is hearing arguments that could mean an end to any further recoun...
Did You Vote? 2000-12-09
All those "no-votes"
Presidential Election 2000-11-12
This is a series of questions regarding the Presidential Election and it's processes.
Should Bush get Spanked? 2000-11-08
should Bush be spanked for his past or present actions?
How Much do You Care? 2000-10-17
The purpose of this poll is to assist me in gathering information on people's concern (or lack th...
US Government Assistance 2000-10-16
There are many programs in the USA that help people in economic stress...this poll is based mainl...
What is the most important public health competency? 2000-10-14
Various organizations are trying to define what makes for good public health practice. The Counci...
Increasing the flow over Niagara Falls 1999-12-19
A summer time visitor to Niagara Falls now sees only half of the natural volume of the river pass...
Handicapped Parking 1999-07-02
Questions about Handicapped Parking - spaces reserved for persons with disabilities.
The Attack on Iraq 1998-12-17
In the early morning, President Clinton ordered the air attack of Baghdad as a surprise response ...
Impeach President Clinton? 1998-12-13
While the US Congress seems to be ready to proceed with impeachment hearings, I'd like to know wh...