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Determing a state I would rather live in... 2011-07-26 (closed)
Democratic States (Blue States) versus Republican States (Red States). This poll is to determi...
election 2010 republican buyers remorse 2011-07-21 (closed)
I want to learn the attitudes of those with republican senators.representatives and governors and...
2012 Election 2011-07-21 (closed)
2012 Election
Communication Rights - What do they mean? 2011-07-21
We all understand basic human rights--the right to freedom of speech, the right to be free from t...
2016 Presidential Election 2011-07-13
2016 Presidential Election
Opinions for Australian Politicians 2011-07-09 (closed)
What are your opinions on the modern politicians of Australia?
Blue States versus Red States 2011-07-09 (closed)
Which states have a higher per capita income, Republican or Democrat states? Which States have a...
Next Superpower? 2011-07-07
This is a poll where you state which country you think is most likely going to achieve superpower...
Legalizing Cannabis / Marijuana 2011-06-30
Is the law that restricts cannabis fair? Should it be expanded for more than just extreme medical...
Should the U.S. government increase its exploration of space? 2011-06-30
Do you personally feel that the United States federal government should INCREASE space exploratio...
2012 Presidential Poll 2011-06-30 (closed)
A by the people poll with no political spin or agenda. A Poll by the people and for the people.
Worst President Ever 2011-06-26
Worst President Ever
opinion 2011-06-26
opinion on the obama administration
Who LIES MORE? 2011-06-23
world conflicts 2011-06-13 (closed)
is world war 3 coming?
Perceptions of international Labour, Socialist, and Communist movements. 2011-06-10 (closed)
Perceptions of international Labour, Socialist, and Communist movements.
2012 Election 2011-06-10
Who are you voting for?
Palin, Paul Revere, and you 2011-06-08 (closed)
This poll is about Palin, Paul Revere, and you
2012 Republican Primary 2011-06-08
2012 Republican Primary
Who is less educated - Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman? 2011-06-08 (closed)
Palin and Bachman are constantly making erroneous statements. Which one is smarter (or dumber)?
Sarah Palin in Running for President in 2012 2011-06-04 (closed)
This poll is all about Sarah Palin
1VOTE 2011-05-29
Equal Right's! Equal Pay! Equal Opportunity!
UK Politics 2011-05-29
Measuring public opinion of the parties...
2012 Wisconsin Senate Election 2011-05-29
2012 Wisconsin Senate Election
If you another chance to vote in the 2008 election, who would you vote for now? 2011-05-23
If you another chance to vote in the 2008 election, who would you vote for now?