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how do you feel about trump picking Neil Gorsuch for supreme court? 2017-02-01
this poll i would like to see what peoples thoughts are for the new supreme court pick that trump...
Presidential Election Electoral College 2012 2012-10-10
Share your opinions and beliefs about the electoral college system.
Capital Punishment 2014-04-21
I am working on a project for my college course about Capital Punishment. My project is to get up...
After Nevada 2016-02-26
Election 2016
Hillary or Trump? 2016-10-13
Hillary or Trump?
2016 Presidential Poll as of 9/15 2015-09-16
Poll to gauge interest in certain candidates and ideologies.
Donald Trump say election fraud will occur in the Presidential elections. 2016-08-07
<img src=https://s8.postimg.org/66k1typ8l/483208412_real_estate_tycoon_donald_trump_flashe.jpg...
Hillary vs Trump 2016-08-10
Some facts about our two choices. See how much you are informed, and give us an honest vote at t...
<img src=https://s3.postimg.org/kyywxu5ur/o_MICHELLE_OBAMA_EASTER_facebook.jpg/> Do you ...
rule your nation 2011-12-31
If you had complete control over your own country how would you respond to the following situations
Do you agree with Clinton's idea of negotiating with North Korea? 2016-09-10
<img src=https://s17.postimg.org/dzvz5oxjz/hillary_clinton_kim_jong_un_ap_640x480.jpg/> No...
Anthony's Gift 2016-10-31
Recent FBI announcement.
Political Discussion 2017-02-01
Political Discussion
Is Trump undermining US democracy? 2016-08-06
<img src=https://s7.postimg.org/fw1qnm54r/2016_07_15_1468607338_43291_Donald_Trumpangry.jpg /...
VOTE NOW 2016-11-05 (closed)
Who would make a better president? 2022-12-30
Who would you vote for and why?
Anarchist Poll 2012-07-05
A poll about anarchy, anarchism, libertarianism and what type of anarchist are you.
Trump approval rating and 2020 match-ups 2017-01-29
Poll conducted to determine President Trump's popularity, who supported him in the last election,...
Politics 2017-02-01
More government rules and regulations would have a positive impact on the econom 2016-02-09
More government rules and regulations would have a positive impact on the econom
Dirty Politics 2016-02-09
Iowa Caucus Results
An analysis on the concept of Judicial Law as it relates to the Supreme Court 2016-03-01
This poll will give an analysis of information on a wide range of variables pertaining to public...
2016 Presidential Election 2015-09-08
Who do you support in our upcoming Presidential Election?
Impeach President Clinton? 1998-12-13
While the US Congress seems to be ready to proceed with impeachment hearings, I'd like to know wh...
Sexuality 2004-03-24
I'm trying to determine the different groups who support and oppose various 'gay movements,' so I...