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People / Relationships


Kids swimming fully clothed in their trainers and socks 2017-12-07
To find out how many grand parents would let their hand children swim in the local pond fully clo...
taking kids swimming 2017-10-18
to find out if any parents thing their kids would go swimming fully clothed in their shoes and so...
Dad and son cigarette smokers, any age like to hear about influences and opinion 2017-10-06
MALE CIGARETTE SMOKERS ONLY PLEASE I would love to hear the opinions, thoughts and comments from...
castrating boys 2017-09-21
just curious on people views on having there son castrated. the pros and cons of it.
how to tell a girl i like her part 2 2017-09-20
I told this girl that I have a crush on her and all she said is "huh". Is this a good t...
how to tell a girl i have a crush on her. GIRLS ONLY PLEASE 2017-09-20
I have this nice girl at my school that I want to tell I have a crush on her but I don't know how...
Whos the better sex men or women? 2017-09-19
Which sex is the superior gender men or women?
Sharing Nude images of self among friends. 2017-09-05
Do you think it is acceptable to send a self nude shot to your friends with no intent of it being...
LADIES: Could you date a straight Drag Queen? 2017-09-05
My boyfriend has recently confessed to me that he has been a Drag performer for years; but that h...
Do you usually walk around barefoot? 2017-08-15
Do you usually walk around barefoot?
Guys, who to bring to your physical exams. 2017-08-03
Physical exams can be intimidating and it might be nice to have someone with you. Who would you ...
bedwetter at summer camp 2017-07-19
I am 17 years old I will soon in summer camp, I would have liked to know how it happens as a bedw...
having a crush on or falling in love with your sisters friends 2017-07-12
This poll is for any boy that fell in love with or got a crush on one of their sister's friends a...
one shoe guy 2017-07-05
I liked to take off my right shoe and just have a left shoe and a sock on my right foot. I keep ...
Barefoot house rules in 2017 2017-07-05
Do you have to go barefoot at home?
Moms: What do you think of your butt? 2017-06-27
How confident are mothers in their body, specifically the buns.
Speakerphone conversations 2017-05-25 (closed)
Got into a big debate and I need to turn to my friends and other family and YOU. So it's in regar...
Heterosexual Men - What kind of woman do you prefer? 2017-05-06
Tell me your type, your fantasy, your dream babe
adult did you were treated like a teenager Because of your appearance, enuresis 2017-05-04
adult did you were treated like a teenager Because of your appearance, enuresis
Tickle Talk 2017-05-04
I'm a woman who loves being tickled and really loves being verbally teased while being tickled. A...
Straight Heterosexual Males (18-35) What's You're Type 2017-05-01
Tell me about yourself, and what you like in women. Straight males ages 18-35
Only Dresses for your Teen Girl 2017-04-24
Do you restrict your teen daughter or teen girl in your care to wearing only dresses and skirts?
disabled ppl 2017-04-20
how liked are disabled ppl in wheelchair
Teen boy wearing swim diapers 2017-04-11
I found there is same like poll to girls but not for boys
If you found me lying down with my shirt unbuttoned 2017-04-03
I just Home home from work/gym and it was an exhausting day so I come home dressed in jeans and a...