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People / Relationships


Create Your Dream Girl 2006-06-07
A while ago I made a 'Create Your Dream Guy' poll so it's only fair I make one about the ladies to.
Create Your Dream Guy 2005-01-21
I know these kind of polls are everywhere but I'm bored and this should keep me amused for a while.
Create Your Ideal Woman 2002-06-10
Men Only
Blondes or Brunettes?! (For Guys) 2002-10-23
This is about finding out whether guys really do prefer blondes or if it's all just a thing of th...
Chicas - go check the results Chicos - vote!
Ticklish Teenage Girls (10-20) (for girls to answer only) 2003-12-16
Girls between 10-20 are the most ticklish people of all - this poll focuses on three very ticklis...
Your perfect Girl (guys only)!!! 2005-09-19
Here are a few different options for personalities n looks n stuff! just answer the questions lol
How do you know if your physically attractive? 2007-02-21
SeXy GuY nAmEs 2003-02-09
Have you ever fell head over heels for a guy?? That had the dumbest name ever! Well....I wanna kn...
Teen Bra Sizes (Girls Only) 2004-02-11
A poll to see the average age of breast growth in teen girls
Is your girl/boyfriend too clingy? 2003-01-03
You may be lacking in sleep or your boss notices that your cellphone keeps beeping with new messa...
Gender Role Reversal 2004-10-21
This is a Poll to determine what Society may evolve into in the next 30 - 50 Years. With more wo...
Hottest race of guys? 2005-03-21
Which race has the hottest men?
teen boys only: what do you look for in a girl? 2005-04-26
This poll is for boys between the ages of 13 and 18 to know what guys look for in girls.
GUYS: Breast Size poll 2006-05-31
What size breasts do men find attractive? Men only, no skewing the results please, ladies.
Random Polls 2002-11-22
No Introduction
Perfect Body For A Woman(Men Only) 2003-06-13
Gender Role Reversal Part 2 2004-11-05
This is a more definitive Poll about Gender Role Reversal. Should take Gender Role Reversal Poll...
Tickling among teens! 2003-11-25
Everyone is ticklish somewhere on their body, especially younger people - everyone loves to see ...
What do girls want in a guy? 2004-09-25
Ok, coming from a guy, let me serve it to the girls blunt. Us guys are idiots, plain and simple. ...
(WOMEN ONLY)Did you teach your daughter to smoke cigarettes? 2005-03-31
This is a more specific poll of my other smoking poll. This concentrates on mothers who teach th...
What do guys want in a girl? 2004-10-21
Ok, i did the poll for what girls want in us. Let me flip it around. Well guys (and girls who wan...
Are girls with freckles Sexy? guys 19 and up only 2007-02-22
You never see women on T.V. are anywhere else showing there freckles or being proud of them. What...
Favorite Eye/hair color 2005-01-13
This is my poll on favorite eye color and hair color
What do Girls Find Attractive In Guys? 2006-06-21
What attributes do girls most prefer in males? Girls only please! Guys just skip ahead to the r...