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People / Relationships


Create Your Dream Girl 2006-06-07
A while ago I made a 'Create Your Dream Guy' poll so it's only fair I make one about the ladies to.
Create Your Ideal Woman 2002-06-10
Men Only
Create Your Dream Guy 2005-01-21
I know these kind of polls are everywhere but I'm bored and this should keep me amused for a while.
Your perfect Girl (guys only)!!! 2005-09-19
Here are a few different options for personalities n looks n stuff! just answer the questions lol
Asking Parents for a Spanking 2015-06-21
This is a poll concerns asking one's parents for a spanking. The intention is for adults who are...
Ticklish Teenage Girls (10-20) (for girls to answer only) 2003-12-16
Girls between 10-20 are the most ticklish people of all - this poll focuses on three very ticklis...
Adult Male Being Spanked by a Woman 2015-08-13
whether its a fantasy or has happened, this is a poll for both men and women to share information...
(WOMEN ONLY)Did you teach your daughter to smoke cigarettes? 2005-03-31
This is a more specific poll of my other smoking poll. This concentrates on mothers who teach th...
Older brother wedgies 2015-03-02
Please only take this if you are a boy whose older or twin brother wedgies you. If you or your br...
Older Sisters spanking Brothers 2015-07-10
I am a single mom with 3 children, a girl, 14, a son, 11, and a girl, 9. They are occasionally sp...
Chastity Poll 2015-03-30
A poll about how and people thinking about or practicing chastity
GUYS: Breast Size poll 2006-05-31
What size breasts do men find attractive? Men only, no skewing the results please, ladies.
Favorite Eye/hair color 2005-01-13
This is my poll on favorite eye color and hair color
Stronger And Bigger Little Sister 2012-11-19
I am a 16 y/o guy with an 11 y/o little sister who is the strongest person that i have ever seen....
Men / boys sleeping nude / naked 2010-09-03
If you are male, do you sleep without clothes? When did you start? How often?
Your PERFECT Dream Girl! (Guys only!) 2011-08-06
A poll where you can create the perfect girlfriend of your dreams!
Bedwetting Kids 2013-05-31
This poll if for anyone 18 years old and younger who currently are bedwetters or are a sibling of...
Male Submissive Vow of Obedience 2008-05-03
In the distant past, a woman's marriage vows often included a Vow of Obedience. Today, women most...
Spanked in front of your girlfriend 2014-06-09
I'm curious as to other guys experience of probably the most embarrassing and dreadful thing in r...
Gender Role Reversal Part 2 2004-11-05
This is a more definitive Poll about Gender Role Reversal. Should take Gender Role Reversal Poll...
teen girls wearing diapers for special occasions 2015-05-04
i want to know how many teen girls wear diapers for holidays and special occassions and how they...
Whos the better sex men or women? 2017-09-19
Which sex is the superior gender men or women?
Are girls superior to boys? 2007-02-21
I am a 15 yeard old boy and all my life since I was a child I noticed that girls seems to be bett...
teen sexual experiences 2014-11-24
teen sexual experiences
Hottest race of guys? 2005-03-21
Which race has the hottest men?