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Do I Have fun or am I a muslim? 2006-05-31
Is life fun for you or should you convert to islam?
The Da Vinci Code 2006-05-25
WIth all the hype (both negative and positive) about the forthcoming movie, I want to know how ma...
Anti Semitism 2006-05-23
Is Hatred towrards Jews a thing of the Past or is it still just as strong today?
There have been alot of poll on this & i want veryone to vote on this one I want like 1,000 v...
Is Divorce an Unforgivable Sin? 2006-05-17
I have heard some people say divorce is an unforgivable sin. Answer my question.
Which is the right religion? 2006-05-17
well here you go, choose which religion you think is the correct one
Is PreMarital Sex an Unforgivable Sin? 2006-05-15
What do You think?
US religious adjustments 2006-05-13
should the US & the companies in it change all the traditonal old ways for the minorities?
Church 2006-05-04
What is your fealings towards church ?
Who is more likely to get into Heaven 2006-05-04
self explanatory
Do you think the "Book of Judas" Is Real? 2006-04-26
Book of Judas was found in Eygpt and was approx. written 200 years after Christ.
What if God asked YOU....................... 2006-04-25
If you were to stand before God right now and he were to ask you a few questions what would you say?
New Age leaps-of-faith 2006-04-21
New Age philosophies often claim that good luck rewards a 'leap of faith'.
Saying your Prayers 2006-04-19
Did you say your prayers at bed time, when you were a child?
Christian's thoughts on Atheist 2006-04-14
Okay, this is an informal poll about how Christians feel about Atheists
Would you ever convert 2006-04-14
What religion are you now and would you ever convert and to what ?
What is wrong with the Bible? (For those who doubt it) 2006-04-14
This poll is for all those who disbelieve the Bible (in part or as a whole).
Religion vs the truth 2006-04-06
What is the truth?
Bush has committed crimes against Man and Nature and should be Jailed For Life.
Prayer in school 2006-03-31
Prayer in school has lots of agrument!
Politically correct 2006-03-23
A poll to find out how politically correct Britain has becone because of Racism and terrorism.
Should Bush Be Tried For War Crimes 2006-03-21
Bush lied to start a War in Iraq and Bush used Radioactive bombs and bullets that have contaminat...
Your religion 2006-03-21
What is your religion?
Do You Believe in GOD? 2006-03-20
This Poll is to know how many people in this world are theists
Non Muslims 2006-03-07
What do non Muslims think of Muslims?