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What religion are you? 2012-10-01
What religion are you?
Atheist, Agnostic, Secularist, non-religion poll 2012-09-26
A poll about non-religious demography
A deeper look into Icons 2012-08-20
What do you know about Icons in the Church? What about the origins of the Iconoclasm which is the...
Flying Spaghetti Monster Pastafarianism Poll 2012-07-26
Parody religion or real religion? Does the FSM exist? What kind of pastafarian are you?
A Poll for Practicing Catholics 2012-07-09
Two out of ten Americans are practicing Catholics. This poll attempts to learn the attitudes of ...
A Poll of Former Catholics 2012-07-09
One out of ten Americans is a former Catholic. This poll attempts to learn the attitudes of form...
mazel tov 2012-07-05
This poll is for the Tevye in all of us.
Should every city in America have a Christian community? 2012-07-02 (closed)
The Promise Land Project is God's way of implementing His mindset and will in the world. He has c...
Can you be Christian & be against healthcare for all? 2012-07-02 (closed)
Just trying to get feedback from people so I can figure this out for myself.
Afterlife heaven hell limbo purgatory poll 2012-07-02
A poll about your belief in the afterlife
Jade Kwan (for Christian/Catholic Chinese) 2012-06-25
Do you know Jade Kwan? For Christian/Catholic Chinese only.
Irreligion poll 2012-06-20
A poll about irreligion, atheism, agnosticism and non-religion
What do you think about religion? 2012-06-13
I'm interested to know your opinion for the following questions. You may not skip any of these qu...
ABORTION 2012-05-18
This survey is for a project in a Catholic highschool. In Canada abortion is legal and many belie...
Catholic Church Poll 2012-05-01
Catholic Church Poll
Does prayer play a role in healing? 2012-05-01
The science vs. faith debate. When you're sick, would you rather rely on science and modern medi...
What is the definition of an 'agnostic'? 2012-04-09
What is the definition of an 'agnostic'?
Religious Poll 2012-04-03
A poll about religion.
Who is/was Jesus? 2012-04-02
I am interested in who people think Jesus is/was.
are we in the trib 2012-04-02
are we in the trib
simpler or more complex 2012-04-02
how will society be in the mk
Abilities 2012-04-02
what will our abilities be in our glorified bodies?
why can't time continue 2012-04-02
why do people hate time so much that they say it must cease in heaven and eternity??
heaven will be... 2012-04-02
what will heaven look like
heaven's looks 2012-04-02
can we know what heaven looks like?