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Religion and Your Life 2002-01-12
This poll evaluates religion and the importance in your life
Life after death. 2002-01-15
Do you believe there is life after death?
religious views 2002-02-04
i would like to see what the general public's views on religion are.
Your views on the Religious Right 2002-02-12
The "Religious Right" is a movement trying to do anything to spread their religious bel...
What does God want? 2002-03-04
This poll is only for people who believe a God exists. God has obviously given us free will, but ...
Who is your favorite Bible Character? 2002-03-08
Please vote from the following
What does the Bible mean? 2002-03-29
The Bible is the most widely read and published book in the world. Yet there is little agreement ...
the2099crew - What's Your Opinion? 2002-04-09
We want to hear from you...
What is atheism and do atheist posses a moral code? 2002-04-15
a common misinterpreted and misrepresented term-atheism. let's see what the common person believ...
religious discrimination 2002-04-22
asks opinions on religious matters
When is an organisation a religion or a cult? 2002-05-06
How do you decide if a group merit the title religion or if they should be labelled a cult?
religious beliefs, out of the ordinary 2002-07-15
There are many religions in the world, and some aren't that known. Here's a chance to see who al...
You're not a good Catholic, if you... 2002-08-09
What makes people a good Catholic, is it enough to just believe in God or do you have to show it?
When will Jesus Christ return? 2002-08-22
This pole is to gauge peoples beliefs about the "end times" and the return of Christ.
Religion, Music (rap/punk) and People 2002-10-03
Everybody get your opinions out and answer straight out what you think is right.
Should infants be baptised? 2002-12-03
Some ministers baptise infants into their Church, even though the infant can have no knowledge or...
Theotokos, Theotokos!!! 2002-12-06
In the fourth century, at the Council of Ephesus, Mary was acclaimed the Mother of God while the ...
Some Tricky Bible Verses 2002-12-16
<font face="Times New Roman">This is a poll especially for people with a faith li...
The Holy Bible: Eight Questions 2003-01-03
This poll consists of eight questions pertaining to the Bible. Christians and non-Christians ali...
A Glimpse at God 2003-01-17
This poll is simply designed to get an idea of what people think about God. If you have any sort...
Do you proselytize?? 2003-02-15
I'm just curious about how many people proseytize to other people. Please only answer the questio...
Hardcore Faith? (Teens only) 2003-02-21
As a christian, I just wanted to know what other teens think about church, and what predispositio...
simplicity the best way 2003-08-13
most beliefs talk about simplicity as a good way to live a life
Your Religion 2003-10-08
Since the 15 Century a Habbit Of Creating religions has begun. Today I would like to ask you what...
Religious Practice 2003-10-14
I am a spiritual person, i claim no religious affiliations. I'm curious as to the prefered relig...