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School Life


Homeschooling Boys and Girls 2023-02-15
This poll aims to gather your thoughts about homeschooling, including any different approaches yo...
Wedgie slave 2022-12-30
I am a master and always looking for new slaves
does iq test online real measure to human intelligence? 2022-12-30
Is it true that online iq test are real and accurate way to measure intelligence.
do any girls still wear school knickers 2022-12-30
insight into school uniform control
Should education be hands-on? 2022-12-30
Should education be hands-on?
Boys habits 2022-12-30
My poll is about boys habits dirty or not
boys only 2022-12-30
Hi I'm Tyler I'm 13 and iv got a few questions sorry if there personal but it's what I'm going th...
Wandertag / Tagesausflug / Exkursion 2022-12-30
Hallo, mein Name ist Maja Stoffers und ich absolviere derzeit mein Referendariat an einer Grunds...
Have you ever had one of your shoes stolen at school 2022-03-03
I got my shoe stolen at before school today.Was wondering if it ever happen to anyone else I did...
Corporal Punishment in Schools 2022-01-10
In most countries corporal punishment in schools was abolished a long time ago. Some U.S. states...
Goals for teenagers 2021-12-09
Hi, this is Jessica Joseph from the U.S.A. Nowadays, the goals for teenagers are not limited to s...
Help in writing an essay 2021 2021-12-09
Hands down, this <a href="https://essaywritingservices.review/reviews/paperslead-review&q...
how should i ask my parents to make me go to bed earlyer 2021-11-02
how should i ask my parents to make me go to bed earlyer
does anyone else still have to wear short trousers? 2021-09-24
I do for special occasions like going out with family. Mum insists that I look much smarter that ...
When is too old to still have a hot water bottle in your bed? 2021-09-16
I still do and I'm 15. Mum says she doesn't want me to get into a cold bed. If I'm honest I like ...
When is too old to still have a babysitter? 2021-09-16
do any other teens on here still have a babysitter?
writing service 2021-08-31
Are you looking for the best writing service ? Are you worry about how to choose the best experts...
School Swimwear 2021-08-31
This poll is to see what pupils wore for swimming at school Please select all that apply.
Children's presentations - how to make them interesting? 2021-08-24
I often use presentations in my lessons to explain new material, but often already on the third s...
who has ever lost one shoe 2021-08-04
I was at the park playing football and kicked the ball and my shoe flew off and land in the pond ...
School and Education 2021-08-04 (closed)
None of the questions are required. Only one choice per question
For Teenage Guys 13-19 only (Long Poll) 2021-02-11
PLEASE READ!!! I have compiled a list of the most popular questions on a teenage guys life fro...
Pantsing 2021-02-11
Design a finishing school for girls 2021-02-02
You have been made the Headmaster of a new school for girls (of legal age). You have complete con...
Facebook dressing game 2018-12-25 (closed)
Let's play a Facebook game. It is about Me, posting a Facebook post about going to school in fli...