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School Life


Should students be required to agree with the rules? Read description first. 2015-08-31
Just because a student disagrees with a rule doesn't mean that he/she will break it. Many student...
School calendar and final exams. Read the whole description before answering Q's 2015-08-31
There are questions which will evaluate whether people would prefer starting the school year earl...
Nerd Alert 2015-08-26
This is a poll to find out if you are a nerd or not. Leave a message in the message board to find...
Forced By School Bully 2015-08-24
Hey my name is Taylor and I am 16, I am in highschool. I am making this poll because the school b...
Sandals and flip flops at school. 2015-08-17
Sandals and flip flops at school.
Is the "pull a card" misbehavior in front of class okay? 2015-08-17
The "pull a card" thing is a set of 4 cards for each student labeled with the student's...
Rules for whellchair kids at school 2015-08-15
As child i had the verry strict rules as any other child at home and at school. Or do you thin...
wearing one shoe 2015-08-13
wearing one shoe
Caught masturbating 2015-08-13
For any teen boy who has been caught masturbating
Kicked in the balls teens 2015-08-13
Questions about getting hit in the balls for teens
Punishment for bad grades 2015-08-11
Hello my girlfriend needs some help in school, she has been getting lots of bad grades and she ne...
boys who like to take shoes off in school 2015-08-11
this is a poll for boys who like to take shoes off in class at school
How should I wear my school uniform? 2015-08-11
I'm returning to school after a summer break and I'm wondering how I should wear my uniform when ...
Curfew for a teenage girl 2015-08-11
Hi everyone! My name is Patty and I'm curious to know what curfew you think a girl my age should ...
Choice of school punishment (primary school kids) 2015-07-22
This poll is mainly for primary school kids in the UK, but other kids feel free to answer too. Co...
How should I be punished for grades 2015-07-22
I am a 19 year old guy, and I have been doing very poorly in school, I need to set up punishments...
Have You Had a Wedgie? 2015-07-22
A poll for guys about their painful experience of a wedgie
Can a female help with my story about a history geek who ends up NAKED? 2015-07-22
Alison & Martin were college freshmen who were best friends. She was the more outgoing of the...
Disabled Children And Shoes At School 2015-07-10
I have a disability that means I walk with crutches. My feet are effected by my disability meanin...
Naked School 2015-07-10
Naked School
I got pantsd 2015-07-10
This is about your first pantsing and is only for the people who have been pantsed.
my punishment 2015-07-10
Im a 13 year old girl and in my last poll i got spanked for swearing at a teacher and getting sus...
Physical education PE detention 2015-07-10
Have you ever had a PE detention?
Detention 2015-07-10
have your kids ever been swimming fully clothed in their shoe and socks 2015-07-10
to find out if any parents know if their kids have ever been swimming fully clothed and if so why...