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Best NHL players ever 2001-01-06
This poll is to determine who everyone thinks are the greatest hockey players of all-time.
Who Is The Greatest Hockey Player Ever? 2007-12-30
Who is the best? YOU vote
Who is The Best Goalkeeper in The World??? 2006-01-25
Many of the top goalkeepers have their claim, and i wana c wat the public fink!
Men's Locker Room Poll 2007-06-10
A brief poll regarding people of the opposite sex in the locker room.
Women reporters and men's locker rooms 2003-04-08
What is your opinion on the controversial subject of women reporters in men's locker rooms?
Women's Lockerroom Access 2004-06-04
This poll is for women 10-40+ to determine their feelings regarding an open locker room policy fo...
Lockeroom Access 2004-06-11
In case you haven't noticed,women reporters are allowed in men's lockerooms after a sporting even...
just wanted your opinions on the top players in the world today
7th Annual FitGems Awards 2015-12-07 (closed)
Vote on who you think shined the best in the fitness industry in 2015!
Women's Locker Room Poll 2007-06-10
A brief poll about people of the opposite sex in the locker room.
4th Annual FitGems Awards 2012-12-11 (closed)
Vote for your favorites for the 4th Annual FitGems Awards!
5th Annual FitGems Awards 2013-12-17 (closed)
Vote for your favorites in the 5th Annual FitGems Awards!
the gymnastics quiz! 2008-07-19
this is a test to see if you have the strength, flexibility, and determination of a gymnast
How much can you bench press (adult men & women) ? 2003-07-10
I'm interested in seeing how much weight people can barbell bench press. Keep in mind that I mean...
The Complete WWE/ECW Poll 2006-10-02
Polls on everything to do with WWE
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2012 New Matches List 2010-11-07
What new types of matches you want to see in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2012 Game?
Boys vs. Girls: Age and Strength 2003-12-15
In my neighborhood there was a muscular athletic girl who was stronger and tougher than all of th...
Are Girls stronger than boys 2003-09-11
We'll soon have an answer to the question of which sex is stronger in the ring.
Enjoy all 50
World Dream Team of Soccer 2002-04-15
Who would you have in the World's best Soccer Team?
Most Likely Relocation 2006-02-26
Which team do you feel will most likely end up moving to Winnipeg?
Best NBA player 2003-08-28
Who is the best NBA player
World's Best Soccer Players 2002-04-09
Who plays these positions best?
Communal showers (Guys Only Please!) 2008-06-27
prespective on communal showers amoungst guys
NBA Expansion/Relocation/Contraction 2004-11-28
Where should the NBA expand to, contract with, or relocate to?