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Is The Boondocks offensive 2012-04-11
Is The Boondocks offensive
Let's see how you will answer these questions :)
Glee character survey 2012-04-10
questions about the characters of glee
wwe vs tna matches 2012-04-09
matches featuring the men and women from both rosters to decide which brand is the best
Damon or Edward 2012-04-04
BEFORE VOTING: Think about each story, the merits and capabilities of its characters
2012 Black Sitcom Stars Bracket -- Will Smith region 2012-03-21
Pop culture poll to determine best black sitcom star
season 6 Jersey shore WITHOUT deena. 2012-03-21
Yea please do season 6 WITHOUT Deena she is so stupid and all she does is copy whatever anyone el...
2012 Black Sitcom Stars Bracket -- Pudding Pops region 2012-03-20
Pop culture poll to determine the best black sitcom star
2012 Black Sitcom Stars bracket -- The Damn Gina Region 2012-03-20
Pop culture poll to determine best black sitcom star
First round of the 2012 Black Sitcom bracket 2012-03-20 (closed)
Pop culture poll
Male Celebrity Fantasy Gunge 2012-03-15
Which male celebrities would you like to see covered in gunge?! Vote here!
Worst Snl Cast Member (Phil Hartman Division North) 2012-03-15
This is Round 1 of the Phil Hartman (North) Division Worst SNL CAST MEMBER OF ALL TIME MARCH MADN...
Favorite Sonic The Hedgehog Show? 2012-03-14
I ask users to pick a show.
Television DVDs 2012-02-28 (closed)
Television DVDs
What tags should "The Games We Play" carry? 2012-02-27
As you can see, I've excluded "Crossover" and "Human" because those obviously...
United States Television Advertisments 2012-02-27
I would like to know what american residents think about commercials on T.V. Are they annoying, a...
Castiel fans 2012-02-27
This poll is for Castiel fans. Castiel is a charater on supernatural. He is an anger who helps ou...
Star Trek ships combat power from 1 to 20 2012-02-23
Vote for the ships Strength in combat based on shields weapons speed sensors etc... ex : Defia...
Star Jones View Visit 2012-02-23 (closed)
How did you feel about Star Jone Visit on the View on February 22, 2012?
Flo Progressive commericals 2012-02-22
Flo Progressive commericals
wwe vs tna 2012-02-22
wwe vs tna
Prettiest Pan Am Stews 2012-02-22
Prettiest Pan Am Stews
would you be interested in more gunge game show polls? 2012-02-15
would you be interested in more gunge game show polls?
2012 Oscars 2012-02-10
2012 Oscars
Television 2012-02-09
What do you watch?