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Favourtie Simpsons family member? 2015-03-23
Homer Marge Bart Lisa Maggie Grampa
Best Type of music 2015-03-23
What's your favourite music genre
Who is your favourite Big Brother UK winner? 2015-03-23
Who is your favourite Big Brother UK winner?
Best Ed Edd n Eddy Charather? 2015-03-23
Who's your favourite character in Ed Edd n Eddy?
Who is your favourite South Park boy? 2015-03-23
Who is you favourite boy in South Park?
The epic South Park poll 2015-03-23
This poll is all about South Park
Monk's Personal Assistants: Sharona Fleming vs Natalie Teeger 2015-03-02
<img src="http://i.imgur.com/pQEbFKj.jpg" width="550" /> Sharona Flemi...
Futurama Character Poll 2015-02-17
Questions about Futurama characters <img src="http://i.imgur.com/fFuxl4F.jpg" width...
Futurama wrestling, round 1 2015-02-17
Futurama wrestling, round 1
Cbb favourite house mate 2015-02-09
Who's your favourite housemate from cbb 2015?
Favorite TV Show Characters 2015-01-25
Pick which of these characters from a certain TV show is your favorite.
Doctor Who Wrestling 2014-12-08
Actors and actresses from Doctor Who in wrestling matches... who wins?
Who is better in The Vampire Diaries 2014-11-17
Who is better in The Vampire Diaries
Barmy Broomstick Game (Get Your Own Back) 2014-11-14
If You Was The Adult Contestant On Get Your Own Back (Kids Program) And You Was Playing The Ga...
who is your favourite character from game of thrones 2014-11-14
game of thrones
Best "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" Couple 2014-10-20
Vote for your favorite Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide couple!
Fictional Characters Wrestling II 2014-09-15
More fictional characters engage in mixed wrestling and catfights.
Favorite South Park Characters 2014-09-15
Favorite South Park Characters
Fictional Characters Wrestling 2014-08-25
Fictional characters engage in mixed wrestling and catfights
Fall 2014 TV Shows 2014-07-24
Which show are you the most excited for?
10 diva bikini tag team match 2014-07-14
Natalya (black bikini) Nikki Bella (red bikini) Naomi (purple bikini) Paige (blue bikini) and A.J...
Best South Park Poll 2014-07-07
Title Says All
What Show Was Better in the 90s? 2014-05-05
For people growing up in the 90s.
Which couple would you like to see in "The 100"? 2014-05-05
Which couple would you like to see in "The 100"?