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Glee character survey 2012-04-10
questions about the characters of glee
Breaking Bad Vs. Game of Thrones 2014-01-16
Which show will come out on top?
Friends Character Poll 2004-08-16
This is so I can find out who the best, the hottest, the funniest and the most irritating Friends...
Who is your favourite Criminal Minds character? 2012-05-29
Who is your favourite character from the hit TV show Criminal Minds?
Monk's Personal Assistants: Sharona Fleming vs Natalie Teeger 2015-03-02
<img src="http://i.imgur.com/pQEbFKj.jpg" width="550" /> Sharona Flemi...
Who's your favourite Desperate Housewives character 2011-12-05
Who's your favourite Desperate Housewives character
Who's the best THAT 70'S SHOW character? 2004-03-27
who do you think is the best character?
Teen Titans fans, you MUST take this poll!!! 2005-01-11
This poll is for those growing number of Teen Titans fans (which I am part of.)
Green Slime, WAM, and You Can't Do That On Television 2016-05-16
A poll to get to the bottom of You Can't Do That On Television's potential influence on sexual fe...
The Ultimate South Park Poll 2006-01-06
goin down to south park gonna meet some friends of mine
The Ultimate One Tree Hill Poll 2006-09-25
Here is a little poll I thought up about one of my favorite shows, 'One Tree Hill'!
Do you agree that Negan is the most hated TV Character in the world right now? 2016-10-26
<img src=https://s21.postimg.org/4qx8wlfd3/the_walking_dead_negan_kill_abraham_ftr.jpg/>
Seinfeld vs Friends vs The Big Bang Theory 2011-05-10
This poll is to show which characters of the same category work best. There won't always be a ch...
Game of Thrones 2022-12-30
Game of Thrones
One Tree Hill BRUCAS or LEYTON? 2007-06-08
My poll is to she which couple is better on the show
Which is better? Simpsons, South Park, Futurama, or Family Guy 2010-02-04 (closed)
Which is better? Simpsons, South Park, Futurama, or Family Guy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Poll 2008-06-04
Buffy Poll
Best Buffy Characters 2002-10-17
I want to know who are your favourite Buffy characters.
Malcolm In The Middle Spankings 2001-11-29
Hal and Lois have some very spankable boys.
Nudity on television 2001-09-20
Opinions on nudity on TV
Is Scrubs homophobic? 2011-06-04
Me and my friend have been arguing a little about whether the tv-show Scrubs (the old seasons, no...
Friends TV-Show Poll 2001-12-06
this poll is about the tv-show friends, just give me some of ur likes and dislikes
The Sopranos vs The Wire 2021-08-04
The Sopranos vs The Wire
Which remaining original character would you most want to have a spinoff? 2016-10-28
<img src=http://s22.postimg.org/5ekn3vw4x/maxresdefault.jpg/> The final season of 'The Vam...