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Which issue is the biggest long term threat to peace in Asia

The biggest reason...

Posted by dave3 on 2007-08-07 21:42:36

The biggest reason--that dare not speaketh its name--are the cultures of the people that live there...that's why you're not supposed to talk about it.There's too much tenure riding on it.

In the sixties,children argued more with their parents and authority...they did a lot of stuff everyone already knows about.But the culture was changing,and so there were shock waves.We live in a much-changed society,forty years later.

In parts of Asia,there's societies that have hardly changed in hundreds of years...whatever's different,came from the West. When that world comes up against our world,there's bound to be $%!@,at a certain point.

If our present culture isn't the ignorant stupidity and general misery of feudal Europe,it's because we changed.If some backward,moronic society out of the stone-age isn't prepared to do the same--I say leave them alone,or offer to help them.If that isn't sufficient,why give a rat's $%!@ what happens to them?