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girls, do you wear miniskirts without panties at school?

our rules

Posted by Barbara123 on 2009-01-13 08:51:45

The rules in our family are easy but very strict. Only one item covering every body part. Underwear and pubic-hair are forbiden (except during our period). This rules apply to my sister (16) and me (18) but not to our brother (19) nor to our parents. We are obligated to wear skirts, not longer as mid-tigh. When swimming in our backyard-pool or tanning, we have to do it in the nude. Its only a problem for me, when visitors are at home, especial friends of our brother. We, my sister and me are unsteady inspected by our father (sometimes he by ask our brother to do it), if we follow the rules. Then he makes us strip completely naked to check the clothes and our pubic-hair. Vistitors, including girls may wear regular clothes, except for sleepover. Then they have to follow the clothing rules. When we violate against the rules, we are punished. Normally with temporally nudity, but sometimes with spanking too. While beeing impostined with nudity, it may occure, that we visit our grandpa e.g. Than we have to remain nude in the car (we own a chrysler grand voyager with dark windows) and off course in the house and garden of our grandpa. I get accustomed with it. Only one thing is very difficult. During the journey, it happens, that me or my sister have to pee. My father always stops and we have to pee at the side of the highway, only hidden by the car. Last year we made a trip to spain. Our parents realized, that we could not tan or swim naked, but they found an alternate. They obligated us to be topless at the pool and the beach and to wear swimpants my father bought. I was suprised, as i saw them the first time, cause they sooo tiny. A string in the back and a unseamed, minimal triangel in the front, which became sheer when wet. I noticed a lot of men staring at us all the time, but they were stranger and i didn´t care about them.

Posted by Skinny Tiff on 2010-01-25 16:22:10

Hi Barbara, we have no similar rules for clothing at home. Undressed or not. Also just wearing a panty, or only a bra is ok too. A Longshirt or dress is ok. But without panty each one has a smal towel that he/she puts on a chair, before he/she sits there. I think that is hygienic order. I do not understand, what you mean with "one item covering every body part". If you have pubic-hair you are not allowed to wear a panty? But if you wear a skirt it would also not be ok ? So, in a sense the rule is to remove your pubic hair. I think that is the most clean solution!! So, if your friends come for s sleep over, they have to remove their pubic hair too? Well, my parents follow the same rules. My mom only wears a dress if she is in the kitchen.