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Personal Sports beliefs


Posted by ronaldinho llew on 2007-09-23 17:35:41

Soccer is the world's best sport because you have this immense passion.

Here in Wales, ordinary working class, dirt-poor people invest thousands of pounds a season, supporting their team. Swansea City are a relatively small club, in the 3rd tier of Welsh-English football. The club has never had much money, and was in 2001 saved by massive donations by a supporter's trust. Had it not been for it's loyal fans, it would have gone out of existance.

Yet we get 12,000 fans regularly at home games, singing their hearts out, risking arrest at some times to voice their oppinions, watching at times mediocre play. They then travel hundreds of miles, to see their beloved team play!

You don't get that loyalty in any other sport, because no other sport means that much to other people!

Soccer is a matter of life and death!