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crazy sleepover

Posted by Doun31 on 2007-06-12 22:34:47

in my craziest sleepover my friend male like me got naked and in nderwear and did crazy things

Posted by JessIE2hot on 2007-07-02 05:46:37

Embarrassing Story

It was my freshmen year of college, and we were having a long weekend because of a holiday. All the local students drove home for such long weekends, leaving me and a few other people who weren't in driving distance spending the whole weekend by ourselves on the deserted campus. Naturally, when a friend who lived like two hours from campus said to me on the Friday before that he was going home and I was welcome to come stay with him, I jumped at the opportunity. I didn't even bother to pack anything. I figured I could borrow some of Ken's clothes for the other three days. We were about the same size, so I assumed it wouldn't be a big deal. Off we went. The first evening was great. I got to meet his mom who was divorced - she was like 40 at the time, but super hot. Then we rented a movie. At the end of the movie I was tired, and told them I was going to go upstairs, get a shower, then head down to my buddy's room in the basement to hit the sack. His mom asked me if I had something to sleep in. At that point I realized I didn't. "You can borrow some of my pj's if you want." said Ken. My respect for him instantly dropped. I hadn't worn pj's since I was 8. "No thanks, but if I could borrow a pair of underwear I'll just sleep in those." Ken and his mom exchanged confused looks. I didn't see what the big deal was. I always slept in a pair of boxers. "Ok, whatever you want man." he said. "Drop you clothes down the laundry shoot in the bathroom Jessie, and Ken will bring you up a pair of undies while you shower." added his mom. I said ok, dropped my clothes down the shoot, and took my shower. When I was done I got out, dried off, then saw the underwear. Was this a joke! It was a white thong! "Well," I thought, "not much to do other than wear it down to Ken's room where I would promptly change into his goofy pj's." I could barely squeeze into the thing. Ken clearly wasn't as big as me everywhere. Worse it was skin-tight and semi-sheer. Just looking at myself in the mirror wearing the thing made me get hard. This only made it fit more poorly. I was afraid I was going to burst out of the thing! "I've just got to go quick so they don't see me." I thought. I cracked the door and stuck my head out - good the coast was clear. I turned the corner, started down the steps, and froze. His mom was standing right in front of me blocking my way. I was a few steps above her, so her eyes were about level with my crotch. They were definitely glued to it too. I tried to stop myself from looking down her blouse at her enormous bosom, but it was too late. I felt myself grow to full size, straining the thin fabric holding me in. I was at a loss for words, and for what felt like several minutes we just stood there. Then finally she said "Jessie I must say you look good in those. They look a little small though; you appear to be a little bigger than Ken." All I could do was stand there in humiliation. "Well you had better get to bed." she said, finally moving aside. "You’re going to have a big day tomorrow. Ken says you guys are going to hit the local pool, and I think it's just your luck my ex-husband left a suit to fit your style." She laughed as I walked past, my face completely red. I could feel her eyes staring at my butt, barely covered by the skimpy thong. I changed into the pajamas as soon as I got down to Ken's room. As I slept I almost forgot the whole thing. Then in the morning I went into the bathroom and saw a razor, shaving cream, and a yellow g-string. There was also a note: "Let me know if you want help."

Posted by NatureBoy on 2007-07-23 18:59:58

You are working toward a salable writing style, that is, where you get paid money to write books and magazine articles. I should know... it has always been a part-time hobby for me, and paid for many a new car, trips to Disney World, and like that.

But posting your fictional daydreams on here, in place of fact, doesn't go over that well. See, everyone can see that you are on the way to becoming a really good writer. But everyone can also spot the fact that this story is pure FICTION.

Save your talents for better stuff than crap like this! :-)

Posted by JessIE2hot on 2007-09-04 13:10:57

Ok, so maybe I exaggerated a little, but it is a basically true story that I spiced up to make it more interesting. After all, doesn't everybody tend to sensationalize crazy experiences when retelling them?

Posted by Teenager11 on 2007-10-04 23:55:11

my experience

one time i was at my friends house at a sleepover it was me and 2 other guys. they decided to try and hypnotize me and yep you gessed it, it worked. they made me obay everything they said. first they ordered me to strip down to my underwear i was wearing briefs. next they made me walk outside with them into the park. they then made me act like a chicken and play with myself for at least 1 hour. when we got home i finally overcame the trance still in my briefs. when they noticed that i was not hypnotized anymore they held me down and tied me up to a tree in my briefs. they left me there all night. i was totally embarrassed