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CUT, and GLAD of it!

Posted by gogglewoggle on 2008-01-24 18:26:58


Posted by skirtchaser19 on 2008-01-28 14:44:52

Im Anything but glad

I'd trade every drop of my parents blood for one chance at sex as a whole man.

Posted by rojo draco on 2008-02-06 12:54:50

dude you sound hot, wish you were bi, would lover to have you blow in my mouth

Posted by dom123 on 2008-03-31 13:30:05

Hi I'm 14 uncut but very much want to become fully circumcised - i'm very unhappy with my long foreskin! But at 14 how can i have it done?

Posted by GoldenSnakeSam on 2009-02-19 17:36:12

I'm afraid you'll have to wait for a bit...but its worth it!