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Hayden Panettiere vs Emma Watson


Posted by Halomercenary91 on 2008-06-22 22:39:57

Wow, this poll is a lot more one sided than i thought it would be.

Posted by lilith001 on 2008-08-24 20:40:06

Think it's fairly logical the Watson girl wins. Emma's been a sports girl since her early days. Her shoulders are much broader than Hayden's and her musculature is more pronounced. The few inches she's taller will also help. Anyway, I think a fight between both wouldn't last long. They'd be kissing within two minutes. They're both made to make love, not war. And for Emma's success: as MisterPoll is universal... all kids around the globe have seen the Potter movies (and I'm not an exception!)

Posted by JohannesOjala on 2021-04-05 20:26:35

Both of them could easily beat up an average guy. Especially Emma.. johannesojala2(at)gmail.com