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Short shorts on men

I would like to wear short shorts given the choice!

Posted by DB1984 on 2013-11-01 14:22:32

I'm a male only 29 years of age currently as I am posting this. I'm also average size, I'm not fat nor real thin either and not homosexual or homophobic as well. It's just that I wonder if men can look just as sexy and alluring as many females do when they wear short shorts. Men, well all straight men and guys have always looked and oogled at women when they rock short shorts and if the role were reversed and women oogled at men who would fashion short shorts that would at least even the odds in that department at least. So I have gotten a pair of female short shorts from American Eagle and I've tried them on and they surprisingly felt really comfortable and I mean that in a heterosexual way too. I never wore them out in public or anything and I know that seems really weird to anyone that reads this, but we are living in a time that both men and women have equal rights and if women and young females wear short shorts why can't men and young teenage guys do the same thing. I also read about this one father in Utah who wears short shorts, but he only does it to teach his daughter a lesson cause his kid idolizes Miley Cyrus and she dresses the same way she does right down to the hair ( I mean her whacked out bright blonde hair that she currently styles as of late and her obsession with wearing short shorts). Well this father doesn't look good in short shorts but I do commend his bravery for doing so. If anyone reads this you can think whatever but do not say I am homosexual. I'm straight and will always be straight.

Posted by Zach M. on 2014-04-23 04:35:46

Plenty of women openly express their attraction to men in short shorts, and especially to male runners in good shape. Look around on the net and you'll find the evidence. I have been fortunate enough to be complimented myself, and I'm not particularly athletic.

You can get very sexy running shorts for men too. As I've written in the past elsewhere on this site, taking up running is a good way to give yourself a perfect excuse for wearing very short masculine shorts in public. Once people know you as a runner, you can pull off the short shorts even when not running.

I'm a straight guy too and you are certainly not alone in being drawn to short shorts.

Posted by DB1984 on 2014-12-30 17:19:15

Thanks for understanding when it comes to something like this cause I know how this world works and what certain people would think when it comes to this! I mean it's not like I would wear them if there would be a hulking bulge of where you know what or of it possibly hanging out in a real nasty way like bad grandpa or something haha LMAO!

Posted by Zach M. on 2014-12-30 21:53:17

In your neighborhood, have you noticed that men's shorts have been getting much shorter for the last two years?

It's the case where I live, at least. It's mid-thigh shorts that are becoming in fashion, which is still too long for my taste, but at least that means I stand out much less than before in my short running shorts.

So have you tried to find men's short shorts that you could wear in public?

What I do is to wear them a little low at first, until I feel confident that the surroudings are safe, then I hike them up. I've been on long walks, to stores and played in soccer games with friends and have had no trouble. I think it's because the full runner look is easier to pull off than dress shorts. I do a get a catcall once in a while, but something like once a year. I don't let that deprive me of the fun of wearing short shorts in public. Also I kind of get some weird satisfaction at having my shorts generate a reaction.

I think some idiots think that my junk is about to fall off my shorts because apparently, they've never heard of underwear. I wear tight briefs as underwear. They act like very short compression shorts, so everything is under control, including when I get turned on by the feeling my own shorts.