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Do you consider America a Christian nation?

Separation of religion and state

Posted by Tralhob on 2008-08-01 16:39:54


Posted by totoro on 2008-08-01 18:34:56

I'm at the edge of my seat.

Posted by BJake on 2008-08-01 19:53:18

don't fall off totoro

Posted by peteM1989 on 2008-08-01 19:59:34

'Yeah, I know that "water" is one of those wierd esoteric things that some of us freaks out here in California are into these days, but you should try it out sometime. Especially the vegan, gluten free, fat free, no carb, unscented kind.'

Did you know that most bottled and tap water contains significant levels of dihydrogen monoxide? This chemical- which is a major component of acid rain- is often used in industry as a solvent and coolant, and as such is being dumped (quite legally) into lakes and rivers worldwide, to the extent that it has even been found in antarctic ice. There are a huge amount of cases of people dying due to inhaling small amounts of liquid DHMO, and in its solid form can cause severe tissue damage. Lobby your water supplier to remove this chemical!

disclaimer: 'dihydrogen monoxide' is harmless, being the chemical term for ordinary H2O. This has been a free demonstration of 'people will believe anything' courtesy of Pete. However, everything in this post is actually true and accurate

Posted by totoro on 2008-08-01 20:15:28

I just spoke to god, and he said to avoid dihydrogen monoxide (it does sound quite scary). I'll have to make sure that my "water" doesn't contain any of that!!!