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Which of the following is the most stressful job?

Being Me

Posted by Dr. Funke on 2008-08-22 02:25:50

you have no idea how hard it is being funke

Posted by Blackninja133 on 2008-08-22 13:49:37

No idea how stessing it is being a ninja... Still it's a hell of a lot better than being a Jamba Juice employee. Burn!

Posted by Kameleon on 2008-08-23 08:00:54

OH! REALLY NOW?! I am actually letting MY GAL READ THIS POST, and from TWO Jamba Juice employees to the jeolous and pathetic Ninja Bozu who looks into Mr. poll for popularity and strife.....

We, at Jamba Juice have NO stress, what so ever, eventhough in the early evenings when the school students come pouring in, and employees at the large department store we are in comes pouring in. HECK! When we are super busy, it becomes more FUN! SURE, we can run short on ice, and certain fruits. But there are other Jamba Juice location near-by, and we can "borrow" supplies from them.

To me, work should be FUN! Earning for gas for my car, and weekend lunch money as well as entertainment like the movies and stuff.

So your hatred for Jamba Juice has reflected your hatred towards ME! That is all I can say~ so YOU BURN! Burn with the thought that you LOST a supporter, a friend in cyber space, and I will NO LONGER support SuperFlyNinjaGuy! Starting with deletion of my many posts in your polls.....
I should had listen to a chat bud who is also a poll creator. He mentioned to me "WHY am I supporting "Blackninja133". He is arrogant...." At first, I just ignored his statement. Now, I see his point! SO! WE will no longer support SuperFlyNinjaGuy! AND! It is "Fearlessfly", in case you once again "borrowed" a term/style/idea from ME from my "Famous Punch-line from Movies and Television" Poll. Like I say! So YOU burn!