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Do you buy Fairtrade products?


Posted by Handlebar on 2011-04-21 15:35:07

I buy Fairtrade products whenever possible. Primarily coffee & chocolate. I do buy sugar, fruit, nuts and spices when I can. My honey comes from local apiaries and my brother's farm. The small town I live in actually has a "Sister" town in Nicaragua and the commitee that runs the program has set up a Fairtrade coffee program with them where the beans are shipped here fresh and roasted to a really delicious dark roast by a local gourmet coffee roaster. It is then sold in our locally owned grocery store, pharmacy, mom & pop convenience store and even the local Farm & Grain Store (that also sells local eggs & honey). I also do my very best to buy everything I need from local merchants and the farm stands in season even if it means paying a bit more than traveling to the city and going to malls. Support your neighbors and it WILL come back to you in unforseen benefits and good karma.