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Babysitters who help boys pee

Being helped pee

Posted by I Am Naked All the Time on 2008-09-07 15:54:52

I remember one time when I was babysat. I was about 8 and my sitter was around 16. She decided she HAD to help me pee when I told her I needed to go. I explained to her that I was old enough to go by myself, but she either didn't care or didn't believe me. Either way, she came into the bathroom with me and before I could do anything she had started unzipping my pants for me, then tugged them down to the floor and took ahold of my pen!s and aimed it towards the toilet. Even though I was completely shocked and embarrassed that she did this, I kind of liked it, too. At that age I didn't quite know why I liked having another person touch my pen!s, but I did. I let her do this a few more times. The last time she did it was the last time I had a sitter. I was 12 and she was 20. I had convinced my mom after the first time the sitter helped me pee that she was the sitter we needed to have every time I needed a sitter, so she was over a lot, but this last time was the best. I had grown considerably down there. She walked into the bathroom with me and undid my pants and dropped them as usual. She grabbed my pen!s and I got an erection. I was so proud! I finally could show her what I thought of her helping me! Her hand felt so good on my throbbing member. It was difficult to pee with that erection, but I didn't care because I had a beautiful girl's hand on my pen!s! We never did anything together but go pee, so don't think she did anything perverse with me because that isn't true. Anyone else have any stories to share?

Posted by lori143anne on 2008-09-08 00:14:50

It sounds like your sitter was used to helping boys pee. Must be she had lots of experience. Did she ever say anything to you in regards to your pe nis. I have helped some small boys pee when I babysat them and I have watched some preteen boys pee and it is neat how some hold onto it a certain way and how others do it differently. I just held it with two fingers behind the head and aimed it at the center of the bowl. I guess I got some good training that I can put to use when I potty train my own son. I have had boys pee in the yard and outside the car before and one boy in particular would just pull it out from his pants and the let loose of it and just pee without holding on to it. He would turn his hips in the direction he wanted the pee to go. I had to laugh at that.



Posted by I Am Naked All the Time on 2008-09-08 02:44:40

Did you ever help those preteen boys pee? Did they know you were watching? Did they become erect while you watched/helped?

Posted by lori143anne on 2008-09-08 23:19:41


The oldest I helped pee was about 9 when I had to help him because he had a cast on his right collarbone and could not do it alone, and he got erect a few times. Others I have supervised and yes, I have seen some with erections and some without. I was more likely to see an erection while bathing boys in the tub though. That was common without even touching them. I guess the water sloshing around the head of it gets it excited.


Posted by badgirl69 on 2008-09-10 20:54:49

The first time I babysat a boy of 4, his mom took him to the bathroom and showed me how to help him pee. You have to make him stand on a low step thing infront of the toilet and then pull down his shorts right as far as they will go. Then she leaned him over and took hold of his willy and said to do it, and when it started to came out she pointed it into the middle. I giggled but next time he wanted to go, I took him up and did the same for him all on my own. I was about 12 and that was really the first time I saw a boy real close up and sooooo cool, and I did have a good look at it too after and looked at his pink skin stuff under it.