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Strip Poker Experience

The rules we played

Posted by Barbara123 on 2009-02-02 15:14:27

We played with the rule, that the game continues until everyone is completely naked. If a naked person loses, he or she must perform anything the winner decides. The duties for the looser become difficult from round to round. Its normal, that in the first round, a naked guy had to show his $%!@ and for a girl to show her vagina. But when he/she will loose again, the forfeits are more embarrassing. I remember one evening, as we played in a group of 6 boys and 4 girls. I lost a lot and became naked like the wind. As I lost the next time, I had to sit on the table in front of the winner (a guy) for one minute with spreaded legs. I think he had a good look. The very next time I lost, the winner (a girl) ordered me to shave my pubic hair bald, which was done right now in presence of all players. But I took revenge and the next time I won and the girl who asked me to shave lost, I made her suck a boys weenie and swallow his semen. She did it, but it was not a good idea, cause from that time, all further duties were sexual. That means, the next boy had to $%!@e until climax and after this, as I lost together with a boy, we were ordered to have intercourse in full sight of the others. The game turned to an orgy. At least all girls and boys had intercourse, partly with two or three different partners. From this time, whenever we played, the forfeits a naked girl or guy got, were mostly sexual. Cause I was never the best player, there was no gaming night, I wasn´t $%!@ed by one or more boys. But I must admit that I enjoyed a lot.

Posted by nakedrhode on 2013-06-28 21:40:00

we always play till everyone is naked and although the dares get sexual they also get very pubic and very risky .The last dare for the over all loser is usually given by all the other players and can be for another day witnessed by all the players .I often lose on purpose and love doing the dares .They always take pics and the loser has no control over them . nakedrhode@gmail.com